A Day (At the Moment) in the Life of Me!

Welcome to my life!

I felt like something different today, so today’s post is my normal day-to-day holiday life! Let’s take a day like today. Here goes!


I get woken up at an outrageous time (this morning 4ish) by Briar running through the house madly because she ‘needs to get to Mum’s room’ at that time. I get back to sleep and woken again at 4:40 by Tara flushing to toilet beside my head and running through the house to Mum’s room! I then go back to sleep for a little while and wake up about 6 when the sun decides to stream through the curtains and wake me up fully. Still lying in bed because it’s warm I proceed to read until about 7 when I get up, do my hair, get dressed and go running. This morning’s run was 4km. After running and cooling down I get back into the house about 7:30-40 and get changed out of my running gear. I then have a super-fast breakfast and about 8 get the lambs milks ready, bearing in mind I’m going to be feeding them all by myself because everyone else is still lying in bed, mostly awake! I feed all the lambs (using a lamb feeder, thank goodness!), move Cleo down the drive and feed her – A.K.A. put a bucket in front of her and run! – and feed the rabbits. When I’m finished it’s about 9:30 and I get in, shout to the girls that their lambs need feeding and shower quickly.

By the time I’m out of the shower and re-dressed for the 3rd time everyone else is up and making themselves breakfast. This is a crazy time, this morning with the girls playing hop-scotch in the dining room, Mum playing music, Dad attempting to listen to the radio and me, well, me just attempting to get permission to check my blog. At this point I am told that my room has to be tidy and so I go in and shove balls of wool into boxes and pens into pots to make it look half-reasonable. Then I check my blog and get told I have to move the wheelbarrow, which I really should do!

When I’m finished on my blog I usually go write for about half an hour and then move the wheelbarrow! Now it’s about 11:30 and I usually do these stretches I’ve got for muscles and my pronating feet (look it up!) for 15 or so minutes. Then I draw or crochet or something until lunch.

After lunch I go see Cleo for an hour-ish and feed Raisin and Socks (Sultana died this morning of some unknown, yet very deadly disease :(), check the rabbits again and do other stuff I need to with the animals before coming back inside. I do something for a while in my room, usually something that messes it up and causes me to (once again) tidy it up before Dad or the girls asks me to do a job or play with them.

Around 3:30 I go and take photos of random things that look good (I have a photo dump waiting!), my sisters or animals depending on the weather. Around this time I’ll also have a snack or something to keep my stomach entertained! Then there’s the next lot of animal feeding that stars around 4:45. It goes on until about 6 in the evening because, well, I don’t actually know, it’s just an awful lot more chaotic then!

Then we have dinner, usually something nice that Dad’s made, do evening stuff and then I fall into bed at about 8:30-9:00. However, this is not when I get to sleep because I struggle to get to sleep and lie in bed with everything from the day going tick-tick-tick, whizz-whizz-whizz around in my head.

The next morning I get up and repeat!


So that’s my life! Did you like it? Do you want more posts like this?

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More Posts About Cute Bunnies!!!

Yes, more!!!

I posted about the last two young (I won’t call them baby rabbits because they weren’t) rabbits I had, Tim-Tam and Squiggles, here and here. But now I’m going to talk about Cream’s NEW babies. They’re just two days old and I need help naming them. I need four names as there are five and one’s already named. These are the five of them this morning:

Yes, they are extremely ugly but somehow cute at the same time! Anyway, they’re baby bunnies and baby anythings are cute, right?! I ended up selling both the others about two weeks ago and so have now got 9 rabbits! Cream, Oscar, Luna, Celia and these guys. I just need cookie-type names for these guys, one of the gingerish one’s is called Gingernut, but I need help! I might call one of the black ones Oreo, but I actually have no clue! You guys, living in different countries will probably have favourite biscuits/cookies that I have never heard about so please tell me! There will be more baby rabbit updates as they get cuter and bigger, so keep your eyes out for them!

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In Which My Posting Lack is Explained!

One word: Lambs!

Yes, lambs. We have now got 13 lambs and one goat, and let me tell you feeding 13 lambs (it’s like 143), one goat, nine rabbits (to be explained another time) and one calf is just too much! So my reasoning for not so much blogging action during the term is simply this:

We had too many lambs, too many animals, too many after school commitments and I was busy! As in, very, very busy! Sorry!


This is a photo of just two of the lambs, Ream and Rise:


I’ve got 6 lambs in all, there used to be 7, but I sold one this morning. And all my lambs have names starting with ‘R’. Right now I have: Runner, Rise, Ream, Rue (think the Hunger Games for the name, yes, it is spelt right.), Rexi and Raisin, I sold Revamp this morning and the other one I’ve had, Rumpelstiltskin, died. But then there’s also Cleo and Inky and I’m feeding them all twice daily! So there is an awful lot of milk being used. Tara’s also got Neptune, Rocky, Wave, Socks and Sultana, B’s got Candyfloss (please remember she’s 5!!!), and Dad’s got a lamb very originally named Newbee! All in all I think we’re using something like 20L of milk daily! Each lamb (and the goat) has 1L and Cleo has 6L, so yeah, we use an awful lot of it!

Bye, bye!

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Hi guys,

This is my much awaited post on the artwork I won with! First off, here’s the picture:


The style of art is called liquid or fluid art. Look it up, there are a lot of different designs available, this is my Pinterest folder of them. I used Resene house paint test pots, silicone spray, water and glue to create it. There was a reason for the art looking like it did, the theme for the competition was ‘On the Move’ and I was going to do something like a tree in the wind until Mum found this style of painting on Facebook and said I should do it. Dad and I then argued about it, him saying I should do it and me not wanting to, but in the end he won and I decided to do it. There were a lot of different designs on YouTube and Pinterest and I found that this sort of design was my favourite, after that, I just winged it! After a lot, and I’m talking A LOT, of paint and about 10 different trials, I finally settled on this sort of design. The last painting (and the one in the photo) on the canvas that we’d been given was something that HAD to work as it was the only canvas I had. So I just completed it and if it didn’t work, then I’d enter it like that. I didn’t actually have an idea of what I wanted it to look like so anything would have been good. This was probably the best I could have hoped for. And then I entered it in and won! It was very exciting when I found out I’d won it. And with something so different.

The painting had to have a name too and I decided (with Dad’s help, he helped a lot with this!) to call it ‘Eyes…On the Move’. The statement that helped me win said something along the lines of:

This painting was something that Mum came across one day on Facebook. I thought it suited the theme for this competition as it was moving and something different and new that probably wouldn’t have been entered. The name – Eyes…On the Move – came from the fact that as you look at it your eyes move up the shards of colour, up and down and don’t stop moving. 

If you can find out how to make the art on YouTube you should really give it a go. It’s so much fun and super easy, Mum says she’s not at all arty and she made an amazing painting like it, by pouring paint circles on top of each other! It looked spectacular.

Get in touch if you end up creating one, I’d love to hear about them!

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P.S. It’s the holidays now so I’ll be able to post more. Sorry about the lack in them.



I’m sure that not many of you like maths here, I don’t love it but it’s not too terrible (but, trust me, it can be!!) and I am able to cope with it. Talk to Hannah and she’d call me Einstein’s Daughter, Alien, Calculator or a whole bunch of other lovely names that the guys at school’ve made up! So they all think I’m a genius and I’m not too convinced about that one, but I’ll go along with it because it’s not worth an argument. But back to maths and not names that have been made up for me. I told you here about a maths competition we had last night, and I’ll tell you how we did!

*squeals because it’s exciting!* Right, we had this thing and we had to answer several (50 questions, 10 as individuals and 40 together as a team) questions. The first questions were individual questions which if we got all 10 right we had to go into finals, Hannah and I got them all right and got into finals but didn’t place. Each right answer was equal to 3 points and then the whole team’s answers were added up, we got 87 points in all! Then there were fast questions where we were in our groups of three and we answered 10 questions, one at a time, in a specific time frame with the number of points decreasing for each minute or so. We got 144 points out of a possible 150, meaning that we dropped just 6 out of the whole thing! And lastly there was the 30 questions in 40ish minutes. In this we just had to answer as many of the 30 questions as possible in the time given. Each question had 5 points available and each one gave you as many attempts as you wanted, but the first two wrong attempts deducted one point until you were left with three and could either pass or continue until you got it right. In the end we completed all the questions with time to spare! The score was again 144 again meaning that we had again only dropped 6 points! All three of us were so pleased with ourselves and could not calm down when our marker said that we’d got an overall score of 375 out of 390, dropping just 15 points, he said it was one of the best scores he’d ever seen!

Then there was the prize giving, they talked a lot about maths at the start before handing out prizes for the projects we’d done called scale drawings and statistical investigations. I won’t explain these because I might be a little too long! But they handed those out and I got first in my scale drawing which I will put on here and second in my statistical investigation, I was amazed with that! And then we got the results of the maths part of evening! The team in second was announced and we all started squealing and jumping up and down because they’d got 372 points, 3 less than us, and we’d therefore won! We were called up onto the stage and given medals and prizes and a shield that had never had our school’s name on it! There were six of us there and we were slightly a lot crazy on the way home, singing really loudly to music and grinning and giggling for the hour and a half long trip, Dad and out teacher might have got a bit annoyed had we not just won the maths competition!

So that’s a little recap of my most tiring night almost ever, but one of the best, maybe equal with winning hockey a few weeks ago, I think I sweated more doing maths than I do running!

Off to feed goats before running the interschools cross country!

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You Will NEVER Guess What I’ve Got!!!

Nope, I know for a fact that you will not be able to guess what I’ve got no matter how much you try! Well, hopefully not at least.

Dun, dun, dun! I present to you (two things, no, four!)…our baby goats!


Aren’t they the most adorable creatures on the planet?! I just love them. They’re all boys and triplets and because goats only have 2 teats I get to have one of the kids! The middle one’s mine, his name’s Inky, the one on the right is Half-Pint because he’s half black and half white and the one on the left (at the front, the orange one) is called, well, he doesn’t have a name! Comment if you can think of one for him! But I get the baby in the middle. He’s wearing a lamb cover which makes him look huge, but I tell you, he’s tiny. Don’t be fooled!

But that’s only three things, so last but not least (at all!) I introduce Runner:


And there is a story behind the name. I was running this morning and I found this orphan lamb so he was named runner because I am one and I was running when he was (luckily) discovered. He’s adorable too, but I’m selling him because I’m too busy to deal with him as well as a goat, Cleo and everything else! So little Runner will be sold onto a new family, possibly a good thing because if we kept him he’d probably end up being eaten :(.

But I’ve still got Inky (or Squawk, since he does!), here’s a close up of his face:


Oh, and no-name’s! Aren’t they just toooooooooooo adorable?! Yes, is the right answer there. There will be more posts on him soon.

Gotta go and feed Runner, I’m a little late.

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Too Busy!

I’m sorry I’ve been away for a while, I’ve got about 200 notifications (that may be exaggerating slightly), 500 posts to read and heaps to post about! But I’m not going to have much time to post next week either, according to the whiteboard (and weekly notices on that) we have got:

Saturday (tomorrow): A trip to the painting exhibition which I won, I need to go and vote for my painting (jokes) and yeah, it should be fun! Hannah and so on (IRL friends, I won’t name you so you are able to stay private, you know who you are!), you need to go vote for me (or Maddie, she deserves it too!).

Sunday: We’ve got people coming over, or we’re going to their place, IDK! 🙂

Monday: Drumming, won’t be home until about 5:30pm.

Tuesday: Cleo’s getting her horns taken off during school time :(, poor her!!!

Wednesday: Mathletics; a maths competition that a few of us from school are competing in, all about maths, won’t be home til about 9:45-10:00pm!!!!!

Thursday: Cross country interschools!  Tiring!

Friday: Meeting or something with someone during the day.

So yeah, a little busy, just a little! That takes me to the 15th, I’ve got a race the Sunday after and more on the same week! And I’ve got Cleo, posts, rabbits, running training, speech practise, maths practise, homework and so on! As usual my life is chaos! So in advance I’m sorry if I don’t post much, maybe I’ll schedule some posts, again, IDK.

Now you know what I’m doing I may be able to fit stuff. I need to post about art and my speech and Cleo wants a post. This is a crazy life I’m living and a very tiring one too, I was woken up at a lovely 6:00am this morning by my beautiful sisters singing Hakuna matata! At 6:00am!  I do usually get up and run then, but I wanted to sleep in because we had cross country today! They are so lovely! Not! GRRRRRRRRRRR.

At 4:14pm I am knackered and ready to go to bed! I don’t think I can manage to eat a whole steak and chips for dinner, maybe something light, I can’t stomach that!

Too many exclamation marks!

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I’ve decided it’s time for another poem.  Since I haven’t done one in a while I hope you like this one.  It’s been a while since we actually saw a sunset since: a. it’s winter and b. it’s been disgusting and cloudy and winter.  So we need to have s sunset, or something to remind us of one!

Sunset                                                                                                            14/1/17

Reds, golds and oranges,

Streaks in the sky.

Pinks, blues and purples,

merging together.

The warm end,

To the day.

The streaky sky,

A perfect end.

It fades,

The sunset will be over.

The sunset,

a magical end

To a magical day.

As usual it’s from ages ago.  When there were sunsets.  But I really hope there are some soon because the rain and drizzle is really getting on my nerves and I want to be wearing t-shirts and shorts again, but at the moment I’m wearing about 3 layers of clothes ’cause it’s not warm and I’m not a penguin, 🐧!!!  This was taken in March!


Please come soon sun!

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Spring is on the Ground

So it’s almost spring my friends.  And it feels like it.  I think it’s time for this post.  Here’s my list of six things that mean it’s spring:

1. Baby animals:

Wave and Possum
An Unnamed Lamb!
Ocean, Wave’s brother and Twinkle, her Mother
Um…Rain and Wind???

That took too much room!!!

2. Long days:

How do you photograph this?!  You don’t, that’s how!

3. Daffodils:


4. Blossoms:


5. Grass Growing:

Dad loves this one.  As do the animals!


6. Blue Skies:


Oh, and Cleo’s in it!

I need to get to bed to catch up on sleep, I can’t be tired tomorrow, we’ve got our hockey final, we have to win it!  Wish me luck.  Oh, and I’m sick!

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The Diary of Cleo – #2

Hi again guys, my fans, and whatever else you lovely folks are!!!  🙂  Emily’s finally got around to giving me a chance to post…eventually!  She was really bogged down with these things called Statistical Investigations (Cleo, I told you not to talk about them 😠), sorry Emily!  But Emily hasn’t been on here for days and days and days and is very sorry, whatever!  But now she’s going to be even more busier with a painting and a speech and ME!  So here’s my post!  Oh yeah, and Emily’s been busy with her arm and hockey, apparently she’s got two games this week, I mean, tiring 😪.

Introductions first:


I’m at the front (obviously!!!!!!!!) and Ella’s behind me.  Ella and Enzo don’t live in the pen with me anymore, which I am upset about, but apparently they were too big and not helpful.  So they moved out into the paddock.  But I go in the paddock everyday now, it’s a humungously massive paddock with sheep and Emily’s sister – who calls me Hope!!! – s lamb.  The lamb is rather cute but very irritating, oh and there’s a big sheep and an alpaca too, but they just ignore me.  So it’s very annoying, but Emily looks after me a lot of the time and feeds me and takes me for walks.  Oh, this is Tara’s (that’s the girl’s name) lamb:


Her name’s Wave if you were wondering.  But back to me.  The other day Emily took me and the puppy Possum for a walk, it was heaps of fun and Emily gave us lots and lots and lots of praise for being so good and walking perfectly and all that.  But we went for a long walk up the road and it was very good fun.  This is the two of us, me and Possum:


As you can see we were tied together because Possum wasn’t meant to be there, but she followed us and we had to keep a hold of her, didn’t we?!  But it was a very fun little walk and we saw little lambies and skipped and hopped and bounced around the place having lots of fun.

The End.  No, I’ve also learnt to drink from a bucket with milk in it.  The.  End.  Now.  🐄

Bye, bye.

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P.S.  Note from Emily, Elizabeth, do you have a blog, send me and Hannah a link, Hannah wants to put it on hers and I want to follow it and put it on mine and do a post about it because I didn’t know this…Do tell me these things IRL friends, I need to know, even if it is via comment, because I want to know.  *takes a big breath because of the long sentence*  ❤️