Recapping November

Hi guys,

It’s November already?! We finish school on the 14th! I’m scared. I’m finishing primary school already?! It feels like it just started, I remember my first day! Anyway, last month’s recap!

Books Read:

This feels much better than last month! Hopefully!

  • Snow White and the Huntsmen
  • These Broken Stars
  • I am not Esther
  • Being Magdalene
  • Falling Fast
  • Everything Left Unsaid
  • Rain Dance
  • Jumping Fences
  • Stars Above

It’s okay, 9 books. I’m only 25 off my goal for the year! :(, betta get reading!


This is going very well. I wrote a lot on it this afternoon actually. I’ll have to put pictures on of what my notebook looks like! It’s atrocious! I can hardly read it, I’d make a good doctor. Let me tell you, I saw one this morning, their writing is terrible. And I’ll have to put on some of what I’ve written. The idea for it’s changed again, as has the name it’s got at the moment. It’s gone back to what it was, but with a unique twist – an unique twist? – that I liked. I’ll have to thank our principal for that! Not to be revealed yet!

2017 Goals

None of these were completed. Almost. But not yet. The goal to make a blanket wasn’t complete. I did make a dress. That doesn’t count though. And I’ll never wear it, it was made of a curtain!

November Goals

None of these were done. Except I did get my splits right down. Actually, that was yesterday which doesn’t count does it?!

Nope, none of them. I drunk more water, but not 7 glasses a day. And I did write more. As above, I read only 9 books, not 20!

Goals for December

  • Read 25 books
  • Get my 1500m time down for the Colgate Games
  • Drink more water
  • Keep my room tidy
  • Blog more
  • Cook more
  • Sell the rabbits
  • Work out how to make a good sorbet!

Easy! I should be able to do them!


I’m disappointed in myself. I should have done at least slightly better! But, oh well!

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A Quick Thought

Dad was in hospital for an eye operation the other day and was talking to the anaesthetist about jobs that will still be around in 20 years time. I want to be an orthopaedic surgeon but apparently that job will be taken over by robots, Dad says I should be an anaesthetist as that job will always be around.


I was thinking, what would it be like being operated on by a robot. I personally would hate it. Can you imagine it? I can’t. It makes me feel sick, don’t ask why, I couldn’t stand being operated on my a robot, I would worry that they’d make a mistake and if they’re anything like the ones shown now with those horrible pincers…I couldn’t cope. I’d be sick. What about you, how would you feel?


And then there’s the car and train etc. driving. Can you imagine putting your life in the hands – er, pincers?! – of a robot? It makes me feel sick. I’d rather drive my own car. I don’t know why, it’s weird. I’m weird! Everyone says so – my teachers, my friends, my doctors, my parents! – so I don’t care! Apparently there’ve been trains driven by themselves in England for over 25 years according to Dad (and he should know as he took it to work daily!). I can’t imagine it, I couldn’t do it! Have you taken that train, what’s it like, I’m curious!


There is one thing I’d like a robot for, actually a couple – to tidy my room and make my lunch. That’d be helpful. What do you want a robot for?!Espresso Shot

United by Music

We are a musical family.

There is not much denying it. I play piano (keyboard actually), Mum plays piano, Tara plays the drums, Dad the drums (sort of) and Briar wants to play the guitar and – make sure not to tell her – I think dad’s getting her one for Christmas!

With our school’s talent show coming up both Tara and I decided to enter – Tara drumming and me on the piano. But not together. We got Mum to video us both on her phone because the camera makes us sound awful on Saturday or Sunday. I uploaded them to my YouTube and Tara said I could put them on here to show you guys.

This is Tara drumming her solo:

It was really recorded so that she could send it to The Rock (a radio station) and maybe be in the draw for tickets to the FooFighters which, if she won, would be amazing. Comment if you liked it.

And this is my cover of Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years from the Twilight saga. It’s also for the Talent Quest and has been shortened so that it’s not super boring.

The cover is done on our keyboard and the sound isn’t quite like that of a piano and the phone recorded it not quite perfectly.


Music is one thing that our family can all relate to each other with. Anyone wants to show another their music piece, we’re all willing to listen or watch and it’s one of the few things that we can all come together for.

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Camp 2017

Here is my Camp Recap!

If you wanna know why I’m here now, I’m sick. Again. Am I always sick?!


So, as I told you here, I was on camp for the whole of last week. It was an amazing week. First of all, we were in Wellington for the week. Wellington, New Zealand, the capital city, where the government is, so on. It’s a massive change from living here in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by open air. I’m not a city girl, the city is amazing and all but it’s so loud. There are just cars EVERYWHERE! I mean everywhere you look you see a car!

But we went some amazing places. We went to the zoo and got to touch a blue tongued lizard. They feel like plastic if you were wondering what they feel like. The feeling is so weird, it’s like touching a plastic model! And we saw so many cool animals, it’s been so long since I’ve been to a zoo. It probably wasn’t as cool as it seemed to us all (we are 11, 12 and 13 year olds but we acted like 6 year olds!) but none of us had been to a zoo in ages!

After the zoo when we had had dinner and talked for about 2 hours (well, us girls did – we’re girls right! – and the boys ran around as boys do!) at the place we were staying and then our teacher took us for a walk around Downtown Wellington at about 8:45 and it looked amazing. We went to this playground on the waterfront and we acted like 3 year olds! But it was super fun. Then we went back at about 10:30 and went to bed. The four of us in my cabin listened to the girls through the wall until about midnight and Hannah and I, due to insomniac matters, couldn’t get to sleep and talked until about 3 A.M.!

The next day we woke up about 6-7 A.M.. I woke up before the others and read 4 chapters of Pride and Prejudice until the others woke. We talked in our cabin with others until about 8 and then got up. We ended up telling the girls through the walls we’d heard them! And written all they’d said down on a plate! A paper plate, it was hilarious, they refused to tell us what it all meant! We guessed though!

At about 8 we got dressed and went down 3 sets of stairs to get breakfast. Then we packed up and at about 10, left to go the Westpac Stadium for a tour. It was an amazing place, super huge and amazingly flash. We had a tour and ended up walking up and down more stairs, we went into the changing rooms and corporate boxes. Surprisingly they weren’t as amazing as we’d expected.

I’ll skip to more exciting things. No, my favourite times.

We were in Wellington, the city known as ‘Wet and Windy Wellington’. But we went to the beach almost everyday. It was beautiful – sunny, warm – and we ended up getting soaked most days! One day – after the Westpac Stadium visit – we were going to the Weta Workshop, which is where the Lord of the Rings series, Avatar and Hobbit movie characters etc. were made and we went to the beach before hand. It was amazing weather and some of the class, the year 7’s and the boys, went swimming fully clothed! The rest of us sat on the beach in groups collecting shells and talking. Again, we’re girls.

We also went to Parliament and got to meet Winston Peter’s, the deputy Prime Minister. We got to shake his hand and talk to him! And, if you’re in Australia and watched Channel 9 sometime last week you might have seen us because the cameraman filmed up meeting him! But Parliament is an amazing place, if you’re ever in Wellington, I’d highly recommend it.

The other couple of places worth mentioning are Te Papa, the museum of New Zealand. It had an exhibition on Gallipoli on and that was stunning. The models of the soldiers and nurses were double the size of a human and super life-like. They were like giant people. The detail was extraordinary!

And the pools we went to. We got there at about 6:30 P.M. and left at 9:30 P.M.! So we swam for a long time. They had amazing water slides and a lazy river which we spent ages just floating around. Then we got bored of that and tried doing it backwards! Let’s just say it was extraordinarily hard! We took ages and only 2 people managed it (I wasn’t one of them!).

Then we came home and I had to feed animals which was annoying because I’d had a good time not having to. But it was good to be home and I was super tired. Something to do with only having about 20 hours sleep that week! And we ate a lot of sugar. I’d say our van of 9 spend about somewhere between $50-$100 on sugar. Not just plain sugar, but lollies etc.! But it was so much fun spending a week acting like a 6 year old most of the time!


I think i’m all caught up now! I’ll get back to posting normally now!

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Recapping October

Hi guys,

Before I recap camp I’m going to recap October because that’s something that you can’t recap in a weeks time.


Books Read:

I’m embarrassed about this one! I read 5 books:

  • Twilight
  • Eclipse
  • Breaking Dawn
  • Kook
  • Lockwood and Co. The Empty Grave

And that’s it. I’m very disappointed in myself!


My story’s going alright althought I’ve completely changed it. The whole thing has changed so that it’s about twin sisters not best friends! It’s going well though!

Goals Completed for 2017:

Just one as well. Just the one that said ‘To go to a zoo.’ I went to a zoo last Monday.

Goals for November:

  • Read 20 books.
  • Drink at least 7 cups of water daily.
  • Write more.
  • Get my splits right down. At the moment I’m about 2 cms off!


At this point I’m setting myself easy goals to accomplish in hopes that I’ll achieve them!

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I’m Back.

This is really short and doesn’t have a starring photo because of everything. I am back from camp and this is the shortest post to say I have missed you guys, I am safe and I will be back to posting soon. This is short for these reasons:

  1. I am knackered and need to sleep. 20-21 hours sleep in 4 nights is probably not enough. My sleep times ranged from 3 hours to 6 hours most nights it was about 5!
  2. I feel a need to cry. Don’t ask why, I’m just so tired that I need to cry.
  3. I have to feed calves. No explanation needed.
  4. I have just crashed from a sugar high. I ate sugar from 6:30 this morning to stay awake because I was so tired, there were nine of us in our van and together we probably ate about 4kgs of sugar! At about 2 I crashed. We all did.

That is that, the end. No tags, no flash stuff, I cannot be bothered, I’m sorry!

I’ll have a post with all the bells and whistles (literally) tomorrow.

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Lockwood and Co. Book 5, Part Two


Kill me all you want, but this is a warning. This is a spoilerific post. Meaning that it has all the spoiler things in it that you really should not read. If you have or do not want to read this book please read on, but if you do want to read the book go away,  read it, and come back and rant with me. I’ll give you one post divider to go away in.


Now we’ve sorted that and those people who want to read this book and haven’t have gone away we can continue on with the meaning of this post. Post one is here.


None of the formalities here.

So, as I said before this is the last book in this series and Lucy is in Lockwood and Co. again. Her and Holly are beginning to get on better but there is still tension between the two of them. Lucy and Lockwood are closer than ever after their trip to the other side. And blah, blah, blah, what I said last time.

Lucy and Lockwood are made for each other, let me tell you that now, they need each other, and like each other. If you agree, comment below. But…they need to get together. And…THEY DON’T. Yes, you read right, THEY DON’T! And this is a disgrace to the whole book series. It is also the reason there is an urgent need for Jonathan Shroud to write another book. I’ve waited over half of a very long year and re-read the 4th book (because it’s the only one I’ve got) how many times and then this comes out and is reasonably disappointing. But if this author doesn’t write a new book, even a short story like at the end of the Juno of Taris trilogy, I will be very, very, very, annoyed and may even write to him and tell him he needs to. Lucy and Lockwood are made for eachother, like Ginny and Harry, Tris and Four, Katniss and Peeta, Juno and Nash, Cammie and Zac and Edward and Bella. So they needed to get together, all those books (with the exception of Divergent) had epilogue’s that they ended out together. But this one didn’t.

Also, we never found out about who the skull was, what happened to him, and why he saved Lucy in the end. Another bunch of questions left unanswered.

The Problem was never sorted out either. And it needed to be solved.

You can’t end a book in which Lockwood has just given Lucy his mother’s necklace on words something like ‘I put on my coat and turned for the stairs.’ There at least could be something about Lockwood in there as he wasn’t there when she discovered the necklace. He could at least have been waiting at the bottom of the stairs for her or something. Or they could have got together when they were in Penelope Fitte’s office and Lucy had said ‘No, I’ll stay with you.’ I mean, I’m not a massive fan of romance but this was something built up from about the second or third book. When Lucy left because she was the one who Lockwood would die for. All that, they were a match throughout and this is a final book. You cannot leave it on a cliffhanger.


This is a rant that has been in the making for ages and when Hannah finishes reading the book we’ll write another part to this as a joint post.

A very annoyed goodbye!

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Camp, But I’ll Still Be Here! Because I’m Magic

When you read this, I will be on camp, and any other posts this week until Friday will have been written on Sunday and scheduled.

We’re going on school camp this week. For a whole week we’ll be away doing some very fun things. In Wellington, in case you were wondering. Today, probably as you read this, or at least for about the time I scheduled it, 1:30 pm, we’ll be at the zoo. That’s one of my goals for 2017 done! And all because of school – who’d have thought!!! We’re going to an observatory, a high ropes course, a Westpac Stadium, Parliament, Te Papa – the museum – and a whole bunch more things I cannot recall right now. So we’re going to be very busy, but it’ll be heaps of fun and we’re going as a class which (should) make it even more fun. I’ll be posting normally again on Saturday about it, because then I’ll be back and in real life! This is a very easily explained absence, and so don’t kill me for it, but I will still be on here.

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Hi guys,

Long time, no see! Sorry, I’ve been so busy with life – school, music, animals etc., you know what I mean?! But let’s go onto animals, or, really, Cleo. This is the last photo I have of her:


It’s a couple of weeks old but my darling hasn’t changed much in that little amount of time! She’s still just as sweet and lovely as ever. Her posts are here and here if you want to see them. We had our first show on Wednesday and Cleo did very, very well, even better than Hope! And that’s something that’s pretty hard to do, because Hope was very good. But Cleo was brilliant, she looked amazing (and I’m not just saying that, the judge said that too!) and acted like a little, cow shaped angel! In the end she won leading, came 3rd in care and attention, got Reserve Champion Pet Calf, won the Crossbred cup (and ribbon) and in our very lovely group of three calves we got 2nd, which was amazing because our calves were terrible (sorry Kim and Sinead, you know they were though!). Hope pretty much the same ribbons, but a 4th instead of a 2nd, so Cleo beats her (just by a little bit!). Tara and Briar did well too. About two weeks before Pet Day Candyfloss, Briar’s lamb, died and so I gave her Inky for the day. Tara had Wave and they both did very well. B got two 2nds and a 3rd and Tara a 1st, a 2nd and a 3rd. So they both did well in the end.

Cleo, Wave, Tara and I have got shows on the 8th and 11th of November so wish us luck. There are sadly no goat sections in either of the above so Briar won’t be competing in them.

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Lockwood and Co. Book 5, Part One

This is just part one.

This is going to be a series on this book because it was very interesting. Let’s start with a book review and continue from there. This is an unspoiler review too, as long as you don’t want to (or have) read the 4th book, if not, please go away and read it before reading this!

Title: Lockwood and Co. The Empty Grave

Author: Jonathan Shroud


Genre: Horror


Age: 12+

Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

This is the last book in the Lockwood and Co. series of horror books. I thought it was very good but also slightly disappointing. I think that there needs to be a book afterwards to complete the series.

Lucy is back with Lockwood and Co. and her skull has been complaining about Penelope Fittes, owner of the Fittes agency. Penelope is slowly taking over each of the small agencies after taking over Rotwell’s after the incident in book 4. Lockwood is adamant that Penelope will not take over his agency. They delve one day into the ‘final resting place’ (grave) of the late Marissa Fittes (Penelope’s grandmother, the woman the skull has been saying Penelope is). Inside the grave is not what they expect but exactly what the skull did.

As the book progresses and the mysteries of Marissa and Penelope Fittes increase, Lockwood and Lucy’s relationship increases and they begin to confide in each other more and more. Together the pair work out what really happened to Lockwood’s deceased parents, save each other’s lives a few times and finally work out the truth about Marissa and Penelope Fittes.

I really enjoyed this book, it was really well written and very engaging. However, I think that it should not be the finale to the series as it leaves you asking more questions than you began with! I’d say it was a good book for 12+ readers as it is very grotesque and the detail is not skimped.


And there was part one of this series about the last Lockwood and Co. book, The Empty Grave. There is so much to say about it, both good and bad, so keep your eye out for the rest of this series!

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