Um, My Arm???

Cleo was meant to have a post today, but other matters came up that had to be discussed. Including the fact that I am severely struggling to write this as I am typing with MY LEFT HAND and that is not my usual hand as I am right handed.  Why, you ask, well, this is the (rather long) story:

We had a seven-aside tournament today with all the other schools around the district and I, as usual, played hockey.  It was heaps of fun and we actually did quite well.  We won two games – 4-0 and 8-0 (sorry opposition! XD) – drew one 2-2 and lost the first 1-0.  And if we’d won that first game we would have been into the finals.  But we didn’t, and we weren’t.  But onto my little tale about my new-found left handed-ness!  In the last game when we were 6-0 up, I tackled this boy in the other team and the impact jarred my wrist slightly which hurt, but was fine, and then his stick flew up mine and collided with my wrist.  The pointy bit which if you put your hand out in front of you is on the outside of the wrist.  BUT!!!!!  Before you comment in your lovely sympathy messages (which are lovely but unnecessary) I want you to know that no, I did not break the wrist (that goodness), I just badly bruised the bone and have been told to take it easy and not play contact sport until it feels better or about a week, it will be better by Tuesday though, because we’ve got our hockey semi-final then and we have to win and I have to play!  But it’s super painful and my fingers have pins and needles, so not good, and I will not be able to do our acrobatics that we’ve swapped for gym this term tomorrow, I’ll just have to take it easy!


Did you know just how hard it is to use a mouse with your left hand?!  And get the typing right, my left hand is just incapable of anything!

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Running and Music

Warning: This is a weird post about something that I’m not sure how works.

The other day I was flicking through one of my running magazines (I am obsessed with magazines) and sort of came about some weird thing that said that if you run with music you burn almost double the number of calories (not that I need to burn any more calories, I’m skinny enough as it is) and also increases your running time.  I decided the other day to put this to the test.  I put in my headphones just loud enough that I could hear them and just quiet enough that I could hear the cars on the road (we live on a one-lane gravel road).  And so I went running with the headphones in listening to Sia and Melanie Martinez on my running playlist.  Surprisingly my 2km time went down when I did it, or maybe I sprinted so I’m not sure.  But it was down from the day before’s and so I was amazed.  Sadly, for cross country (which I am looking forward to, unlike Hannah) I cannot wear them.  And it’s also hard to on 4km runs because they keep falling out, gotta work on that.  So I don’t know how the music makes you faster but it’s just something I found out.


Today I am also meeting my coach so that she can sort of get an idea about me and therefore make a running plan for me.  Because I am running to many K’s a week apparently.  I don’t believe her!  Or maybe I do but I won’t admit it because it would ruin my pride.

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The Fault In Our Stars

Most of you lovely readers will have either watched or read The Fault in Our Stars.  It’s very good, and I know because I’ve both read it and watched it.  We’ve had it on record for the last about 5 months and last night we finally watched it!  So I’m here for yet another review.  This time of The Fault in Our Stars.  Here goes.

The Fault in Our Stars is a movie about Hazel Grace Lancaster who has cancer.  Thyroid cancer.  I have no idea what that is so if you want to, look it up.  But Hazel has this cancer and her Mum thinks she’s depressed.  Hazel is not going to admit that, but her Mum makes her go to a support group.  She hates it, but one day meets a boy there who obviously hates it just as much as she does.  After the meeting he drives her back to his place, not all that safely, and they both decide that they are going to swap books.  OMG, I am no good at this!  Basically, they go to Amsterdam and then lots happens.  But then more happens after that.

This is a very sad movie about heartbreak and lots of other things.  I think that the rating on it – PGR – was a little bit low and would say that given a few bits in it it was probably an M.  I think that I really need to read the book again because it was a book I’d been recommended but never really got into.  So next time I’m at the library I’ll get it out again.  And then I’ll be able to get it right.

So that was my movie review that was even worse than my Cinderella one.  I’m sorry about the terribility of it, but I think that you should watch the movie.

And sorry about the randomness of the last post.  The explanation it here.  Or maybe here.  I don’t know.

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1 Year


Dear Ginge                                                                             Last Goodbyes

Dear Ginge,                                                                             Goodbye to you,

Never forgotten,                                                                     Goodbye my dear friend,

You will be.                                                                              May you rest in peace for now.

And a long time from now,                                                  My last goodbye this is to you,

I will see,                                                                                  My last goodbye, dear Ginge.

An image of you,                                                                    The sweetest friend I ever had,

Implanted in me.                                                                   This is very sad to do.

Your head is high,                                                                 But I must say this,

Your eyes are bright.                                                            Darling Ginge,

You are galloping with all your might.                             Goodbye I say to you.

And there you’ll stay,                                                            Goodbye to you,

In my mind,                                                                            Goodbye for now.

A still image,                                                                           My dear friend,

Never forgotten,                                                                     You will be missed.

Tonight.                                                                                    But goodbye to you,

Goodbye dear Ginge,

May your spirit live ever on.


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The hardest goodbyes are the ones never expected, and never said.

The Diary of Cleo – #1

Hello, I’m Cleo and Emily said that I could post on here.  I am Emily’s new calf, if you were wondering, this is me:


So, I am going to be posting about my life in my little diary on here weekly.  Let me introduce myself.  I am Cleo (short for Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt according to Emily) and I am a first cross crossbreed according to my owner.  This means that my mother was a pure Friesian cow and my father was a pure Jersey bull meaning that I am somehow a crossbred calf.  Don’t ask me!  Don’t ask me about when my birthday was because I frankly do not remember my birthday, all I remember is that I was born in a muddy paddock and then got put in a trailer and transported to a pen with lots of other calves.  But that aside I am Emily’s new calf for this year.  She told me that she had told you all about Hope, her calf from last year, and I am going to be even better than Hope!

My day today was very boring because Emily put Ella and Enzo (my big friends) out in the paddock with milk and then fed me and then went ’cause apparently she had to go to school.  *sigh* And so I sat in the shed waiting and waiting and waiting for a friend. Then the big cows came in and got milked and there was lots of loud noise and then they went away and I was lonely.  Again.  Until Emily came back!  That was really heaps later and I was very annoyed because I wanted more milk.  But Emily came in and turned on a bright light and I came skipping over to her.  I was very excited to have company!  Emily walked into the pen and I thought she was going to give me milk!  But she didn’t have the bottle 😦 and I was upset.  But she did put this thing over my nose and behind my ears and under my chin and I made a right big deal of putting it on, but then, I was fine because all I wanted was to suck Emily’s fingers.  And I got to.  But then Emily tied me up and I was annoyed because I was stuck to a fence and I was upset.  And I made a big deal of it and pulled and tugged.  But Emily walked away and got these things called brushes and then came back and everything was all good and I was happy again.  But Emily obviously saw that I didn’t like being tied up and told me that I had to learn to be tied up but she would untie me.  So I stood there and sucked Emily’s hands and she got these brush things and started getting the wood chips off of me.  And I got impatient because I didn’t want to be in the shed being brushed, I wanted to be out with my friends but Emily said that it that it was cold and raining and that if I went out I would get cold and wet and yuck and sick and we didn’t want that.  But once she’d brushed me and got all the yuck off me I got to go out and walk around the shed where the big cows are milked.  And I found the other’s milk!  And I tried to drink it, but Emily pulled my head out of the bucket and I huffed and she took me back into my pen.  But she did give me my milk and I was happy.  This is me drinking and playing with the bottle (Emily thought I was trying to get more milk out, but I’m not that silly :)!)


was trying to get more milk out, I’ll admit it!  But Emily walked away and left the milk bottle in the pen so I knew she was going to come back, and then, next thing I know my big huge bulky giantnormous friends are there!  And they really want their milk.  But I wanted to suck their ears and then, they got annoyed with me.  So I left them and sucked Emily’s fingers until they were done and she took the buckets and escaped the chaos!

This is us before Emily left:


We were very happy, Enzo’s on the right of me and Ella’s on the other side.  And I am, of course, in the middle, being the star I am!

And now, I’m sitting in my pen with my friends who are keeping me very warm!

Bye, bye,

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Another Running Post

Is this all I talk about, running, sorry if you hate the posts, I’m posting those presents tomorrow, I promise!

So, we’re back at school for Term 3!  Yes, it’s Term 3 already and I envy all you annoying (ly lovely) English bloggers who are posting about just going on holiday.  So I’m busy, sorry about the lack of posts…or was it only the day before yesterday that I posted last?!


I am so excited now though, because of my favourite thing in the whole wide world; running!!!  So at school we’ve got Cross Country later in the Term and I am going to win it and get into Interschools I am going to attempt to win it and get into the Interschools where I will win and go to the next Interschools! attempt to win again and get into the next Interschools.  But, we have to wait till September for that.  Until then I have to run up and down hills and stuff to get extra fit.  And now I have a coach!  She’ll coach me via email because she lives about 2 hours away and i can’t meet up with her everyday, but I’m extra excited for that too, she’ll be able to help my win the Interschools!!!  *squeals with excitement*  I’m very excitable at the moment so let’s calm the moment with my big dream.  It’s a story too.  This is, My Big Dream; A Story:


I Have A Dream

             I have a dream.  A big dream.  My dream is to go to the Olympics and win gold in the women’s 5000m middle distance running race.  One day I want to be like Lucy Oliver, my idol.  

             The dream is only relatively new to me but I am certain that running is what I want to do and I know I can get to the Olympics.  I only began running at the beginning of this year, I’m certainly no child prodigy!  When I began running it was as training for the Weet-Bix kids tryathlon.  However, I soon discovered that I hated the swimming and biking parts of it, but loved the running.  This surprised me as running had never actually struck an interest for me.  But I continued it after the triathlon, just for fun really, every morning in at 6am, rain or shine, running about 2kms before breakfast.  Slowly, over about 2 months, the distance I ran each day increased and by the start of April I was running 6km before school.  Then I increased the running to twice daily, running 6km in the morning and 2km in the evening.  Running really became my life, the only thing that mattered to me.  Nothing else was as important to me as running – nothing still is – I gave up a lot to run, everything from reading to drawing and writing – things that I had loved just last year.

             Slowly, but surely, I found that I was improving, could run further and further in the same time.  These improvements just made me more eager to run.  

             My mindset is strong now, but it really will have to get stronger as I get older, especially if I am to compete at the Olympics because running hurts.  And it’s hard, but I know that with hard work I can make it.  Slowly I will get there and win the gold.  But then, as Jesse Owens said ‘We all have dreams.  In order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort

             Even as the weather got colder, the dark hours longer, I still ran, I still am now.  I’m still getting up at 6 and running, but now I’m running 4km before and after school and between 8km and 14km in the weekend, again before breakfast.  Near the end of May I did my first competitive race; a 10km.  It was so much fun and I came 1st in my age, 5th out of the women and 12th overall, and the feeling of running against others was exhilarating.  Now, a month later, I’ve just run a half-marathon, placing 3rd equal overall.  Who said girls weren’t as good athletes as boys?!

Now, with the help of my coach, I will be able to go far and strong.  And her passion for running is just fuelling mine too.

             Now, after running for 6 months, I’m adamant that running is my passion, and that one day, in the not too distant future, I’m going to go to those Olympics and win that gold, both for myself and New Zealand.


I have a dream.

Emily Kirk

Age 12


And maybe I just post stories too.  Running and stories.  But none of those things tomorrow, promise!

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Just a Little Question

So, Hannah, I’m about to copy your idea because I need another about 50 answers for my survey!  And I haven’t got the photos of my presents because the camera ran out of battery!


Right, my fellows.  I am doing a statistical investigation for a school maths project and I NEED HELP!!!  LIKE, DESPERATELY!!!  It would be a great big, massive help if you could help me by filling out my survey……I need 60 of them filled in!!!

With statistical investigations everyone chooses a topical thing to survey heaps of people on and then they give out the survey and graph the data.  If the investigation is good enough, it’s entered in a competition and you can win money prizes.  This is my little survey, please get your parents/friends to fill it in too!

Child Obesity Survey:

Do you think children in New Zealand are becoming obese?

I am investigating what the people of New Zealand (or any other countries) think about child obesity in New Zealand (or their country).  Whether people think that children are not becoming obese or whether they are.  Please send in the answers that refer to you to: I know that it’s a wierd email! The questions are bigger than the answers in case you were wondering, I hope not!

1) How old are you?

(10-13yrs)     (14-19yrs)     (20-29yrs)     (30-39yrs)     (40-49yrs)     (50+yrs)

2) What gender are you?

(Female)              (Male)              (Other)

3) Do you have children?

(Yes)              (No)              (Expecting a child)

4) Do you think children in New Zealand (or your country) are obese?

(Yes)              (No)              (Some of them)              (Don’t know)

5) Do you think children are more obese now than they were 10 years ago?

(Yes)              (No)              (Too young to know)              (Unsure)

6) What do you think of the sugar tax the NZ government is thinking of implementing? 

(Good)             (Bad)             (It could work)             (Don’t care)            ( Don’t know about it)

7) What do you think is the main cause of obesity?

(Too much food)         (Junk food)         (Sugar)         (Not enough exercise)        (All)

8) Do you think kindergartens/schools (excluding boarding schools) should supply children food?

(Yes)         (No)         (Don’t know)         (Only healthy options like fruit and vegetables)

9) Do you think that sports people/famous people should be promoting unhealthy food?

(Yes)              (No)              (Don’t know)

9) Do you think that child obesity can be stopped?

(Yes)              (No)              (Maybe)

Do you have any comments or suggestions about this topic?

Just email these in please if you have any!

Thank you for taking my survey!              ~Emily


So there was my little survey, I’d really appreciate it if you helped me out.

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My Birthday Party!

Before I begin, this post is too long as it is to add what I got for my birthday, so that’s tomorrows post!  It’ll be about 1000 words as it is, just for one thing, so let’s leave the other!  So, so, so sorry Ellie!


So, my 13th birthday!  Can you believe I’m 13!  I cannot!  Last year I didn’t bother to have a party but apparently when you turn 13 you need one, so I had one, and it was fun.  It was not – and I emphasise the word not – a big party, but as much as the saying ‘the more the merrier’ means that more means more fun, it was brilliant fun as it was.  So (is there a synonym for ‘so’?!), I only had 4 girls over, plus there was me and my little miss annoying sisters, so there were about 7 of us in all, and we had quite a good time.  It was a very long party, it went from 1-5 in the afternoon (obviously!) but we had time to do heaps.  Thus (synonym for ‘so’), here is my lovely little..or not so…um, recap!


You know the basics, so I won’t go over them again for your sake!  Basically it was heaps of fun and a trillion photos are to be included into this!  Firstly, the most important thing, the food!  I decided to have a ‘blueberry and lemon’ flavoured party, which didn’t turn out so true!  So it was just a whole bunch of food, lots of it chocolaty and sweet and not much none of it good for you, but it was a party, so who cares?  I didn’t certainly!  but there was a massive bunch of food, chocolate eclairs, fruit, macaroons, lollies and a whole bunch more stuff that was delicious and we’ve got heaps left over of!  But the cake was the stand out feature, these are the photos:

The top view.
The side view.

It was pretty amazing and I was very pleased with the outcome when Mum made it.  It was a blueberry and lemon flavoured cake with lemon and blueberry jam icing and lemon curd macaroons on it.  And it tasted delicious.  I had a panic moment before the party when I realised that Dad and I had only bought 12 glittery black candles!  And I was 13, not 12, but Mum’s got a massive selection of candles and there was one unused white glittery one there, so it was stolen and the panic was off!


Next, the fun of our crazy games.  We didn’t get photos unfortunately (I don’t use that word enough, I must use it more!), so you’ll just have to imagine the craziness of them all I’m afraid!  We ended up playing 4, or was it only 3?, games but they took ages as we played numerous rounds of them.  The first game was one Dad called ‘beer pong’ because it was meant to be played with beer glasses, but we called it ‘tea pong’ because it was played with tea cups.  Basically, you had 6 ping pong balls and 9 cups, you sat about 2 metres away from the cups which were set up in a triangle and tried to get the balls into the cups.  Yes, it sounds simple, but just ask Hannah (because she’s my only friend with a blog), and she’ll tell you that it was incredibly difficult to master!  Briar was the only one of us who was actually very good, and she’s 5!  And the second game was even crazier and more fun!  It was a Hunger Games themed game in which you had to have a balloon and a sharp pencil and everyone runs around attempting to pop each others balloons to kill them!  It was so much fun and chaos, especially when there were only two people left ‘alive’ and neither of them wanted to pop the others balloon for fear of dying themselves!  Next time you’re having a party, definitely try it, it’d work really well with heaps of people outside, except we couldn’t do that because it was raining and muddy and Alexandra was wearing white converse and white jeans!  And…last but not least (there were only three games after all!) we played ‘Taste the Rainbow’ which you must have at least heard of!  You give each person a straw, a small bowl and put a plate of skittles (or something similar) in the middle of them all, they then suck the skittles onto the end of the straw and keep sucking until they’re over the bowl, then they drop them.  The winner is the one with the most skittles in the bowl at the end!  It was heaps of fun and another must try game.


Because it was such a long party we had time to all sit down in the lounge where the fire was on and it was 24 degrees and watch a movie.  We watched Mirror, Mirror, the new (and very good) version of Snow White.  Yes, I will do a review of that because it was good.  But anyway, we were watching the movie, all relaxed, when the lights began flickering and it began raining shiny confetti!  It turned out that Dad had decided to get his leaf blower and fill it with confetti before firing it at us ignorant (lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated. dictionary definition, not the one meaning rude!) girls!  So we were covered in shiny confetti that was everywhere! We stopped the movie and attacked each other with it which added to the fun.  That wasted heaps of time but was the most fun game ever!  Then Briar got it all in her hair and rolled in it making confetti angels!!!  These are the photos:


So she had fun, and Dad had fun cleaning up which he got the joy of because he was the one who did it!  Hannah’s in a few of the photos because she was ‘helping’ Briar, she was also the one to plait all the sparkles into her hair!  We’re still finding sparkly bits now!


Here upon, this is the end of the recap of my birthday party.  And it’s sitting at 1021 word when I wrote the number there, so I am sorry to bore you and waste your time.  But thanks!  Comment and like if you liked my lovely little…or not so little…post, don’t if you didn’t (but I don’t remember all of my 112 followers, so you won’t be in trouble, I promise!).

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The Weather!!! + My Birthday Party

Today is my birthday party, and I am so excited!  But, it’s cold and wet and yuck!  When I ran at 7 this morning the sky was blood red and there was a double rainbow, so I’m not sure what to expect!

WHAT???   via

I’m meant to be off here and ‘getting on with my day’ so sorry for the short post.  I’ll do a birthday haul/birthday party post tomorrow, so look forward to it!

I really will get told off, so this (the sign off) is true!

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My Favourite Music/Playlist

I love music.  Like, LOVE!  For my birthday, Mum and Dad got me an MP3 Player.  It’s bright blue and really useful, but nothing but my ear-buds connect to it, so only can hear the music which means I can’t sing along to it without looking (sounding?) weird :(. But I love the ability to play music whenever – wherever – I want.  So, what’ve I got on it?  *Checks* 120 songs!  Not that I’ll tell you all of their titles, here goes my favourites:

1. Lorde: Liability, Green Light, Melodrama and Supercut

I love Lorde, like I love music.  I’ve got the new Lorde CD and the album on my MP3, but these 4 songs are my favourites.

2. Maggie Lindermann:  Pretty Girl and Couple of Kids

Maggie Lindermann writes very – and I mean very – good music.  Pretty Girl is about being the best you can be, but it is explicit (meaning: swearing).  And Couple of Kids is great too, just not sure whether it’s explicit.

3. Sia: The Greatest, Alive, To Be Human and Chandelier

Again, I love Sia’s music, these are just my favourites.

4. Melanie Martinez: Carousel, Dollhouse and Pacify Her

Melanie Martinez is one of those inspirational artists.  Hannah introduced me to her, and she is amazing.  BTW, Hannah, is that what the CRYBABY sign on your blog’s for?  Just asking.

5. Vanessa Carlton: Hear the Bells and White Houses

I was introduced to Vanessa Carlton by the internet.  I wanted a piano song and hers are easy.  *thinks* I really should get onto learning that!  I showed you Hear the Bells the other day, but I really like White Houses

Two more, I promise!

6. Katy Perry: Rise

I’ve loved this song since it came out, nothing more to say!

7. And finally…Ed Sheeran: Nancy Mulligan, Happier and I See Fire

Ed Sheeran is someone who I am the only person in this family who likes.  Again, I See Fire is old, but good.  And the other two are also very good.

8. Oh, and one more.  Halestorm: Dear Daughter, Bad Girls World and Mz. Hyde

I love Halestorm.  If you’ve never heard of them, they’re a rock band with a female lead singer.  Don’t just listen to the first song and go ‘they’re not a rock band!’, in that one they’re calmer.  But Dear Daughter’s my favourite of theirs.


So, there are *pauses to count* 21 of my songs, um, 17.5% of my music, Google’s helpful! Tell me if you like any of the music, and what I should listen to.

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