Dear readers,

My running at the moment is my absolute favourite thing.  I run every morning except Fridays and every Tuesday and Wednesday I run in the afternoon too.  Over the weekend I go for long runs and weekdays I do 4km ones.  So you could say that I’m fit.  No, not fat, fit, with an ‘I’!  I only don’t run in the afternoons on other days because: Monday: hockey practise, Thursday: gym practise, Friday: hockey game, Saturday and Sunday: I’ve already done long runs (8+kms).

A while back when this post was originally written I saw a 10km (about 6.2 mile) run.  It was about 3 weeks away from the time then but it was last Sunday (28th May).  So anyhow, I entered it and I’ve beaten my goal for this year of just 5kms!  Mmmm, it’s the only one I’ve completed so far, but my doe is in kit and is due to have babies this week, so I’m super excited and about to tick off another thing!  The rest are a bit sad to tell you the truth, I did keep a diary, and still do, but I think I’ve written about 3 things in it, so it’s not classed as ‘very good’.  And the blanket’s almost done, I just need one more wool colour to do my fairies faces!

But, anyway, I did this run.  It took me only 47 minutes and 48 seconds!  I was so pleased, I got 1st in my age (14 and under), 5th in the women (and they were adults) and 12th overall, out of all the men and women! So, not boasting or anything or not that I’m meaning to, if I am, sorry.

A very excited, and happy…

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P.S. One of WordPress’ problems is that it doesn’t tell me about email followers, so now I officially have 100 followers!  So now I know that Hannah and Sinead are following me, if any of my other friends are, do tell me, because otherwise I have no idea.  Sorry!

Poem: One I Won a Prize With!

I won a prize with one of my poems on Mirra’s blog!  Here’s the award:


And the poem that won:


Water                                                                                                                         16/1/17















Thank you so much Mirra for presenting me with this award!  Does that just sound really formal and weird?!




So, as I said yesterday, I had my first hockey game of the season yesterday!  The season officially started last week, but I was in Auckland then, so no such luck in playing there! But I was here for this weeks games, and so I’ll give you a little rerun on how it went:

We actually had three 15-minute grading games, and I can’t remember the teams we played.  But I can remember that we won all our games, I played back and it was fr-freezing!  The first game we won 4-0 and it was probably our best of all three because we all worked together perfectly, except for the fact that at the back we didn’t do anything much!  The second game we won 2-1 and it was a lot closer as the team we played was more challenging than the first, we did get a little more work at the back in this game, but it was still mostly played up the other end (our scoring end).  And the last game was the coldest as it was 5:20 p.m. and we were all really ready to go home and eat something, we won 1-0 and it was definitely the hardest of all the games because we were all tired and really ready to go home!  But all was good and we won all the games, so that’s good.

And that’s that, all about hockey, we’re playing again next Friday, and the next one, and the next one and the next one, for however many weeks it is!


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Next Post in Line…Gymnastics

Back again!

Right, the next post in my massive half-marathon (more about that tomorrow) of post is a gymnastics (or gym as I’ll refer to it as) post.  At school every year they hold a gym competition with the rest of the schools in the district, they enter a few teams in a few different categories and it’s meant to be heaps of fun.  I’m flexible and the girls at school are always freaked out that I can almost do the splits – although I did get to the ground yesterday, which was AMAZING – and they challenge me to do bridges I never thought possible, which don’t actually seem to hurt.  So when this came up they all went ‘Emily, you have to, have to, have to come and join, it’ll be so much fun!’  I put off joining for a few weeks but eventually gave in and joined (12-year-old girls who really want you in their gym team can be very persuasive!).  So we were training for 2 hours yesterday, one at lunch and one after school, and it was really good.  I can almost get my back walkover, which is so good, because I’ve been struggling with it and I need it.

So that’s my little gym post.  Tomorrow, hockey, we’re playing tonight, so wish me luck!




Guys, I’m BACK!!!!!!!!  Has it really been 17 days, Elizabeth?!  REALLY!  I’m sorry about that, so sorry.

I have so much to tell you.  About animals, running, hockey, books, poems…and so much more!  But for today I’ll do one of the animals, the most exciting one.  Enzo.  This is Enzo and Bambi this morning:


Enzo is the calf, Bambi is the mother licking her face.  And…they’re both mine!  Well, you met Bambi in my first post, but you’ve never, ever, ever met Enzo before, I can assure you of that.  That is because Enzo was born at 11:40 p.m. last night.  She’s not even a day old and you’ve already met her!  I’ve only been waiting for her birth since the bull was here about a year ago!  So you can imagine how excited I was last night when Mum said that Bambi was going to calve overnight, I was very excited.  And then Mum woke me up when she was born and I saw her all wet and slimy and yuck, but she was still adorable.

And now, the story behind the name “Enzo”.  With each of our calves we name them for how long we’ve been at Ra Puke and this is represented by the corresponding letter of the alphabet.  The first year we were here we had one calf called Arabella, the second Bambi, Brandy, Burger, Breeze, Bindi, Banjo, Bingo and BB (short for Black Betty), the third year, Clementine, Carl and Colin, last year there was just Dave because Poppy’s calf died and this year there’s Enzo and all the others that are to come.  Hope wasn’t named after a letter because we had to give her back.  So Enzo’s named Enzo because ‘E’ is the 5th letter in the alphabet and we’ve been at Ra Puke for 5 years now.  But if you’re wondering why the name Enzo, I read the book Racing in the Rain (which is the children’s version of The Art of Racing in the Rain)  and there was a dog named Enzo in there.  So Enzo’s named after that dog.

And so that’s all for today because I have to go to dinner before I get in trouble, and it’s Pad Thai, which I love.



Introducing…Frankie & Carmella!

My friends,


The above is a photo of three of our four budgies.  Yesterday morning (24 hours ago) we had just two, the one on the far left and one other one.  Now, I really don’t like budgies, they’re loud, make a massive mess and are just annoying, especially when they live in the dining room!  The budgie on the far left is Tara’s and he’s called Toby, the other one we have is Tinkerbell and she’s also Tara’s and blue!  I’ve got rabbits, Tara’s got budgies and Briar’s got fish and/or an alpaca, although she’s sort of Mum’s.

So back to introducing Frankie and Carmella.  We went to town yesterday for some end-of-the-holidays stuff and Mum and Dad took us to the pet shop to collect some more fish for Briar because most of hers had died :(.  The pet shop has the most massive collection of animals, everything from birds to fish to rabbits and everything in between!  So we went into this pet shop and I went to see the most adorable rabbit.  But everyone else went to the kittens which were, granted, adorable!  So blah, blah, blah, we saw these budgies there and really, they were really pretty.  They are the two others in the photo and as you can see, they are gorgeous, and that’s coming from someone who really dislikes budgies and birds!  So Dad decided that he was going to buy them and we came home with two budgies in a cardboard box and two fish in a plastic bag!

We debated about names in the car for the hour and a half journey home and still hadn’t come up with names when we got home before Dad said they were called Frankie (the budgie on the far right) and Carmella (in the middle) because the names were from a Bob Dylan song called ‘Joey’ and Joey is a very common budgie name apparently.  Don’t ask me!  This is the song:

So there’s the song for you all!


Do you like the budgies?  Do you like birds like I don’t?!  Which of the budgies is your favourite?  Do you like the names?



Just a Little Blog Survey

Hi guys,

It’s really nice outside today, the weirdest thing is that I kept getting blasts of boiling hot air in my face this morning when I was running, it was very odd, because the rest of the air was cold.  Why did this happen, do you know, I don’t!

I’ve got this little blog survey thing that I’d really appreciate if you took, it’ll take a maximum of about 5 minutes!  Here’s the link:

I’d really appreciate you taking it, and your feedback means heaps to me!



Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies

Now, this is today’s second post, but it’s a recipe post for Elizabeth.  I promised you this and here it is:

Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies


  • ½ cup sugar
  • ¼ cup cocoa
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 eggs
  • 200g dark chocolate, chopped
  • 60g butter, chopped


  • Preheat the oven to 170°C and line a slice pan with baking paper.
  • Melt the butter and chocolate together in a heatproof bowl over a small pan of water.
  • When the chocolate and butter are melted stir in the sugar and set aside to cool slightly.
  • Beat the eggs and vanilla together until frothy.
  • Add the cocoa to egg mix and beat until combined.
  • Beat the chocolate mix into the egg mix until smooth and glossy.
  • Pour the batter into pan and bake for about 20-25 minutes until set in centre.
  • Allow to cool before cutting into squares.


Not much to ask.  Try the brownie, it is truly delicious, you have to.  And a perfect recipe for gluten free people.  So I ask you now: are you gluten free?  What’s your favourite gluten free recipe?  Do you like the sound of these brownies?  You have to, really you do!

Bye bye,

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Happy! Happy! Happy!


Did you know that my ‘Until tomorrow!’ in that last post seems to have turned into an ‘Until three days away!’, have you noticed that, or is it just me?!  But oh well, who actually cares because I’m here and I’m here with a little surprise for you…




Without a drumroll (because Tara’s not on her drums right at this very instant) my surprise it…That I have another story extract for you!  I know, I know, I haven’t done one in absolutely ages, the last one I did was here, but I’ve got a good bit for you.  This extract’s a little bit of a chapter somewhere in the middle of Happy entitled ‘Major! Crisis!’.  It’s a bit of humour for a Wednesday, the whole story is humour though I suppose!  Enjoy!

Extract for Happy, chapter XII Major! Crisis!:

I sprinted to where Mum sat in the living room, working on her laptop.

“Mum,” I said, my voice panicky, “Major! Crisis!”

She looked up and rolled her eyes at me, “And this time it is…” she gestured for me to finish her sentence and I rushed to do so.

“There. Are. No. Chocolate. Chips. In. The. House!” I gasped, before continuing in a rush, “And I want to – need to – make chocolate chip cookies” Major Crisis number 2 is that we don’t have any! Any chocolate chip cookies that is! And I need to have chocolate chip cookies in this house, you know why? Because they’re just fabuliciously, deliciously amazing!”

Mum laughed at my aggravation, but really and truly, I was right, there were no chocolate chops to make chocolate chip cookies with and no chocolate chip cookies was just too much to bear for a poor helpless 13-year-old like me!

“Don’t laugh!” I said, but I was grinning myself, “It really is a major crisis, no choc-“

Mum decided to interrupt me now, “Alex, yes it is a crisis.  But I can solve it.  I know as a fact that there is a bar of chocolate in the cupboards, a knife in the rack and a chopping board behind the sink.  Just chop the bar of chocolate – not all of it granted – up and use that for your cookies instead of chocolate chips.  There, major crisis over!” she grinned at me.

I sighed hugely, “Mum.  You are the biggest chocolate chip cookie lifesaver ever!”

I sprinted back to the kitchen in search now of a bar of chocolate, eager to re-commence my quest to replenish the chocolate chip cookie outage in our house.  Major Crisis number 1 now!

So, there is ‘Major! Crisis!”s extract piece! I might will – will, definitely will – post more of Happy soon.


Did you enjoy my piece? Any recommendations? It’s not edited yet, but feel free to give me your recommendations! Did you enjoy the humour? Can you relate to Alex’s Major! Crisis!? Do you like the Major! Crisis!? What was your last Major! Crisis!? Mine was that I couldn’t find my best story writing pen, Major! Crisis!!

Bye for now,


My Crochet Projects (Photos)

The promised project pictures:

Easter Bunny


Easter Eggs


Baby Baskets


Tissue Box Cosy Cake


Little Dragon


And those are the projects of mine!  They are most certainly not to scale, the dragon is about the length of my palm.  Sorry about the horrible photo of the cake, it was taken at 6:30 this morning!


Do you like them?  So they look like you thought they would from the descriptions?  Which is your favourite now?

Until tomorrow!