right now #4 | soft sad music for no reason??? but it’s pretty??? + Black Veil Brides


Today is another day. And I feel the same as I have the rest of the days. And this is another playlist post of songs that are sad and soft for no particular reason other than that’s what i’m listening to currently. Which is fun. Anyway, let’s begin.

The entire playlist is right HERE if you would like to listen to it, it’s about 6 hours long which is great and yes. Now, my favourites:

  • 99 Red Balloons | Sleeping at Last
  • Already Gone | Sleeping at last
  • Better | Ben Platt (his entire album is another thing I’ve had on repeat)
  • Brother | Kodaline
  • coffee | beabadoobee
  • Creep | Daniela Andrade
  • Fallen Angels | Black Veil Brides
  • Fire on Fire | Same Smith
  • Fix You | Coldplay
  • I Feel Nothing | Openside (NZ band, non-binary lead singer named Possum, amazing band)
  • I Will Be Okay | Mimi
  • I’m a Ruin | MARINA
  • In Case You Don’t Live Forever | Ben Platt
  • Leave the City | Twenty One Pilots
  • Lonely | Dandelion Hands
  • Lullaby | Simi
  • The Moon Song – Live | Karen O
  • My Immortal | Madilyn Baily
  • She | dodie
  • Silly Girl | chloe moriondo
  • Spaceland | chloe moriondo
  • Temporary Nothing | mxmtoon
  • The Mortician’s Daughter | Black Veil Brides
  • Party Tattoos | dodie

And that, my sweets, is the end of that. We have finished April’s playlist.

Do you know any of these songs? Do you like them? Do you have any recommendations for me? What are you listening to? I’d love to know in the comments!!!

emily xo

Right Now #3 | Conan Gray, Daughter, Fall Out Boy & AURORA

Welcome back to another episode of Right Now, a segment of this blog where we discuss music and my monthly playlist. The last episodes are linked at the end of this post. Enjoy this month’s episode, like, comment and follow for more quality content like this!

editing emily: I really don’t know what that intro was but I hope you enjoyed it and will continue to read the rest of this post, I promise it’s not quite as weird!!! (it’s still weird)

My entire playlist is right here if you’d really like to go and check it out. But now, my favourite and top songs of March, 2019!!!

editing emily: yeah, this is weird, even for me. I’m sorry. please continue on.

  • Human Again | Kodaline
  • Honest | Kodaline
  • Heavydirtysoul | Twenty One Pilots
  • The Judge | Twenty One Pilots
  • Running with the Wolves | AURORA
  • Through the Eyes of a Child | AURORA
  • 888 | Cavetown
  • I’ll Make Cereal | Cavetown (yes, it’s really called that, it’s very good)
  • The King | Conan Gray
  • Idle Town | Conan Gray
  • Atlas: Eight | Sleeping at Last
  • Hourglass | Sleeping at Last
  • Youth | Daughter
  • Amsterdam | Daughter
  • Hey Look Ma, I Made It | Panic! At the Disco
  • Nicotine | Panic! At the Disco
  • Spaceland | chloe moriondo
  • Waves | chloe moriondo
  • The Phoenix | Fall Out Boy
  • Uma Thurman | Fall Out Boy
  • feelings are fatal |mxmtoon

That’s the end of that. There’s a whole bunch of new music in that playlist, Conan Gray is a new discovery for me, and I’m actually finding that I love his music so much, it’s just fun. TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) is a kpop band and I actually love their music which is a huge shock for me given that I don’t listen to kpop! It’s just super fun, upbeat and lively (and their music videos are a lot of fun!!!)

I hope you enjoyed this post, definitely go check out the playlist and a bunch of the songs on there!!!

peace out ma dudes,
emily xo

Right Now #2 | A Few Weeks Late But Oh Well | Like, 50% Musicals???


This is very, very late but that’s fine. This is the playlist I spent the majority of last month listening to.

If you missed last month’s post, what I do here is list my favourite songs from the playlist so you can check them all out. The entire playlist is available here if you want to check it all out. Let us begin with this.

Six | Six
96,000 | In the Heights
Get Down | Six
Cell Block Tango | Chicago
Monster | Frozen: The Broadway Musical
Omar Sharif | The Band’s Visit
Raging | Kygo, Kodaline
Gabriel | Kodaline
Before You Start Your Day | Twenty One Pilots
waves (piano) | chloe moriondo
Trouble (stripped) | Halsey
Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) [acoustic] | AURORA
Mockingbird | Eminem
The Monster | Rihanna, Eminen
Novocaine | Fall Out Boy
Billie Jean | Kodaline
bury a friend | Billie Eilish
Chlorine – Alt Mix | Twenty One Pilots
It’s Quiet Uptown | Hamilton
Guns and Ships | Hamilton

Now, because I have several pieces of homework due tomorrow including a speech draft on why we shouldn’t procrastinate that I’ve procrastinated for the last 10 days, I’m not going to put in pictures of album covers but you can find them. Sorry.

I hope y’all have had a very good week and have a good day. Go listen to the playlist if you want, there are 49 songs and it takes you 3 hours and 19 minutes to listen to.
Now I’m going to go pack some things and finish all my homework. Adios.

see you in the next post!
emily xo

A Second Three Songs Tag???!! | Musical Things & My Favourite Songs

A big giant post that is being redone to see how my music tastes have changed in the past 6 months because I am sick and bored. Also some (not very) important information at the end of the post that it would be cool if you could read because I really didn’t need to write it but did. Just like this excert. But hey, that’s what we’re doing. It would be goodio if you would like and comment, or don’t.
So pretty much there are meant to be 90 songs but I have less because we stan a repetitive uncle in this house!

Da-da-da-da-da! We’re gonna do a musical thing today whilst I am sick. Again. But this is musical and you are now going to learn about music I love a lot. Wow, I’m gonna do the thing I did a while ago and see how my music tastes change.

1 . Three songs that come up when you put your phone on shuffle

  • 11.11 | Waterparks
  • Afraid | The Neighbourhood
  • Shed a Tear | Kodaline

2. Three last songs you listened to

  • How Far We’ve Come | Matchbox Twenty
  • What Do I Know? | Ed Sheeran
  • Miss America | James Blunt

3. Three songs you were recently obsessed with

  • Sweet but Psycho | Ava Max
  • Brother | Kodaline
  • Kids Again | Artist Vs Poet

4. Three songs that you know thanks to your parents

Same as last time, lol!

  • Bohemian Rhapsody | Queen (although they don’t like it!!! XD)
  • DOA | Foo Fighters
  • Jailbreak | Thin Lizzy

5. Three songs you wish you could forget (because listening to them hurts)

  • The Village | Wrabel
  • Brother | Kodaline
  • The Hanging Tree | James Newton Howard

6. Three songs you wish you could erase from history (because they’re terrible)

No clue anymore. Probably the same as last time.

  • Jailbreak | Thin Lizzy
  • Gangnam Style | PSY
  • PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) | PIKOTARO

7. Three songs you didn’t expect to like but eventually loved

  • Your Song | Ellie Golding (the original was better though)
  • Total Eclipse of the Heart | Sleeping at Last (better than the original)
  • I Love You Too | Maria Mena

8. Three songs that remind you of summer and vacation

  • Waves | Dean Lewis
  • Eastside | benny blanco, Halsey, Khalid
  • Yellow | Coldplay

I did that all of the colours I relate to Summer, lol.

9. Three songs that get you in the Christmas mood

  • Feels Like Christmas | Panic! at the Disco
  • Christmas Lights | Coldplay
  • All I Want For Christmas Is You | Mariah Carey

10. Three favorite spooky songs

  • Thriller | Michael Jackson
  • Demons | Imagine Dragon
  • Time Warp | Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast 

11. Three favourite songs from movie or TV series soundtrack

  • Lily’s Theme | Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two Soundtrack
  • The Hanging Tree | James Newton Howard
  • Shallow | Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper

12. Three favorite songs from video games

None again.

13. Three songs you want at your funeral

  • Sweet but Psycho | Ava Max
  • You Will Be Found | Dear Evan Hansen
  • Faded | Alan Walker

14. Three songs you want at your wedding

  • I Said Hi | Amy Shark
  • Flower Child | High Dive Heart
  • Fast Car | Jonas Blue, Dakota (the original was good too)

15. Three songs you want to dance with your love to

What love? lol. Me and one of my best friends have danced to this and it was fun

  • Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time | Panic! at the Disco
  • High Hopes | Kodaline
  • A Sky Full of Stars | Coldplay

16. Three favorite songs to write to

  • Writer in the Dark | Lorde
  • Oh Ms Believer | twenty one pilots
  • Pay Attention! | Tessa Netting, Spies Are Forever Original Cast

17. Three songs that remind you of your family

  • We Are Family | Sister Sledge
  • 7 Years | Lukas Graham
  • Angels in Chelsea | Rachel Platten

18. Three songs that remind you of your friends

  • The Village | Wrabel (the majority of us are trans, that song is about a trans guy and we all identify with it)
  • Friend, Please | twenty one pilots (we send it to each other when we feel bad, go and listen to it, if you have a blood trigger DO NOT WATCH IT)
  • Brother | Kodaline (one friend and I have spent several lunchtimes crying to it and we’re sort of like the people in it)

19. Three songs that are your guilty pleasure

I am obsessed with them too, yes. 

  • Sweet but Psycho | Ava Max
  • Brother | Kodaline
  • Kids Again | Artist Vs Poet

20. Three songs that remind you of fictional characters

  • 100 Letters | Halsey (Lilia, my story)
  • Breathe Me | Sia (Nya, my story)
  • One Woman Army | Porcelain Black (Annabeth, Percy Jackson

21. Three songs of your childhood

Sorta the same as last time, but I’ve just remembered a better one.

  • Lemon Tree | Fool’s Garden (1st school production)
  • I Believe | Yolanda Adams (dance)
  • Just Dance | Lady Gaga (you guessed it, dance! lol)

22. Three songs you listen to when you’re sad

  • Friend, Please | twenty one pilots 
  • Happier | Bastille, Khalid
  • Neon Gravestones | twenty one pilots

23. Three songs that never fail to get you pumped up

  • Sweet but Psycho | Ava Max
  • Crazy=Genius | Panic! at the Disco
  • Novocaine | Fall Out Boy

24. Three favorite old songs

  • How To Save a Life | The Fray
  • Mr Brightside | The Killers
  • Purple Rain | Prince

25. Three favorite songs of 2018

Now, this was 2017, but it’s almost the end of 2018 so it’s changed to that

  • Chlorine | twenty one piots
  • Lovely | Billie Eilish, Khalid
  • Happier | Bastille, Khalid

26. Three favorite non-English songs

  • How to Save a Life (Spanish Version) | D4ve
  • Faded (Spanish Version) | 
  • O Sole Mio | Ludovico Einaudi

27. Three songs that remind you of your birthday

  • Happy Birthday | Whoever Wants to Sing It lmao
  • Fourth of July | Fall Out Boy
  • Centuries | Fall Out Boy

28. Three best songs to drive to

  • Fast Car | Jonas Blue, Dakota
  • Castle on the Hill | Ed Sheeran
  • High Hopes | Panic! at the Disco

29. Three songs that influenced you the most (some songs change or save lives)

  • Friend, Please | twenty one pilots
  • The Village | Wrabel
  • Save Myself | Ed Sheeran

30. Three songs you really want your followers to know

  • Friend, Please | twenty one pilots
  • The Village | Wrabel
  • Brother | Kodaline

Honestly please go and listen to all of these songs. I don’t feel up to putting them all into a playlist, but when I do I’ll link it in another post. Just YouTube them all and you’ll find them. It’s pretty easy. They are all so important to me and I know that this sounds really soppy and sappy, but they are all so important to me. They almost all mean so much to me and have changed me so much. Even the ones I hate. I am a big believer that music can change you and these songs definitely have. They all have the ability to make me cry or laugh and I swear that every song has so many memories behind it and it just makes me smile doing things like this.

In total conclusion, I think my music taste has completely changed sing May when I last did this lol. I feel that just reading through this again as I edit it, the songs I am listening to are a lot sadder and more moving. They are also more mature than the ones at the start of the year. I think that just goes to show how much this year has really affected me. How much this year has changed me, even since then. It’s amazing and kinda scary. But that’s just what it is and I can’t change that now.

Anywho, your thoughts on those last two paragraphs would be great. And if you have any music recommendation or tag ideas for me to do next, please comment them all!

Oh, as a side note before I go, and just to lengthen this post out even more, I may end up changing my name on here because it makes me uncomfortable and dysphoric and the only people who really use it are teachers and family, my friends all use my preferred name (which I thank a girl at school for helping me discover, thank E, it means heaps. Even if I don’t know you well and we talked for literally 20 minutes in all) which is Luka. Luka means light and I think that for me, especially at the moment, light is something my life is lacking and that name seems to fit well. It’s a gender-neutral name but more masculine than the majority of the other names I thought about (Charli, Emmet, Emmerson, thanks again friends!) but I do identify as male or agender more often than not so it fits well. End of endnote.

see you in the next post!

emily xo

50 Things That I Love  |  Wow, I’m a Mess  |  A Real Story Chapter

Too Busy!

I’m sorry I’ve been away for a while, I’ve got about 200 notifications (that may be exaggerating slightly), 500 posts to read and heaps to post about! But I’m not going to have much time to post next week either, according to the whiteboard (and weekly notices on that) we have got:

Saturday (tomorrow): A trip to the painting exhibition which I won, I need to go and vote for my painting (jokes) and yeah, it should be fun! Hannah and so on (IRL friends, I won’t name you so you are able to stay private, you know who you are!), you need to go vote for me (or Maddie, she deserves it too!).

Sunday: We’ve got people coming over, or we’re going to their place, IDK! 🙂

Monday: Drumming, won’t be home until about 5:30pm.

Tuesday: Cleo’s getting her horns taken off during school time :(, poor her!!!

Wednesday: Mathletics; a maths competition that a few of us from school are competing in, all about maths, won’t be home til about 9:45-10:00pm!!!!!

Thursday: Cross country interschools!  Tiring!

Friday: Meeting or something with someone during the day.

So yeah, a little busy, just a little! That takes me to the 15th, I’ve got a race the Sunday after and more on the same week! And I’ve got Cleo, posts, rabbits, running training, speech practise, maths practise, homework and so on! As usual my life is chaos! So in advance I’m sorry if I don’t post much, maybe I’ll schedule some posts, again, IDK.

Now you know what I’m doing I may be able to fit stuff. I need to post about art and my speech and Cleo wants a post. This is a crazy life I’m living and a very tiring one too, I was woken up at a lovely 6:00am this morning by my beautiful sisters singing Hakuna matata! At 6:00am!  I do usually get up and run then, but I wanted to sleep in because we had cross country today! They are so lovely! Not! GRRRRRRRRRRR.

At 4:14pm I am knackered and ready to go to bed! I don’t think I can manage to eat a whole steak and chips for dinner, maybe something light, I can’t stomach that!

Too many exclamation marks!

Espresso Shot

Introducing…Frankie & Carmella!

My friends,


The above is a photo of three of our four budgies.  Yesterday morning (24 hours ago) we had just two, the one on the far left and one other one.  Now, I really don’t like budgies, they’re loud, make a massive mess and are just annoying, especially when they live in the dining room!  The budgie on the far left is Tara’s and he’s called Toby, the other one we have is Tinkerbell and she’s also Tara’s and blue!  I’ve got rabbits, Tara’s got budgies and Briar’s got fish and/or an alpaca, although she’s sort of Mum’s.

So back to introducing Frankie and Carmella.  We went to town yesterday for some end-of-the-holidays stuff and Mum and Dad took us to the pet shop to collect some more fish for Briar because most of hers had died :(.  The pet shop has the most massive collection of animals, everything from birds to fish to rabbits and everything in between!  So we went into this pet shop and I went to see the most adorable rabbit.  But everyone else went to the kittens which were, granted, adorable!  So blah, blah, blah, we saw these budgies there and really, they were really pretty.  They are the two others in the photo and as you can see, they are gorgeous, and that’s coming from someone who really dislikes budgies and birds!  So Dad decided that he was going to buy them and we came home with two budgies in a cardboard box and two fish in a plastic bag!

We debated about names in the car for the hour and a half journey home and still hadn’t come up with names when we got home before Dad said they were called Frankie (the budgie on the far right) and Carmella (in the middle) because the names were from a Bob Dylan song called ‘Joey’ and Joey is a very common budgie name apparently.  Don’t ask me!  This is the song:

So there’s the song for you all!


Do you like the budgies?  Do you like birds like I don’t?!  Which of the budgies is your favourite?  Do you like the names?