My dearest children, welcome. I have greatly missed you.

Anyway, it’s been a while. I suck very much at this blogging thing. Especially at the moment. I do apologise sincerely. I also hope you forgive me for being such a useless person. I really do. It’s also time to update you on what’s happening in my life and what I’ve been doing since I last blogged about my life. Lettuce begin.


We moved last Friday (29 March) and it’s been an absolute nightmare. We are living out of cardboard boxes (hundreds of them) and everything is a mess. The house is nice, but I miss the old one so much. We also do not have any internet yet as the company who is meant to be supplying it is messing up greatly (that is reason #1 that I haven’t been blogging in the past week).


The first term of the year is almost finished and so far it’s going well. I’m getting through everything and I don’t feel like I’m struggling too much. I got good marks in my first maths test of the year which I was super proud of and all my other marks so far seem to be reflecting that (just jinxed myself, didn’t I). Other that PE I’m doing well. PE isn’t going well and it’s the only class that I have actually got a fail mark in. Ever.
For art we’re just going into wearable art and I’m SUPER excited because my design is super fun and I’m loving making, designing and planning it. I’ll be posting about that on the other blog (when I get internet back), so go give that a follow if you want to keep up to date with that!
I’m really loving the classes I’m really loving the classes I’m taking this year and am looking forward to them for the rest of the year.


I’ve actually managed to solidify myself a couple of stable friendships. And, y’all, I’m loving it. It’s amazing to have those people who you can relate to and rely on and that you just get along with. I’m having a lot more fun that I was about 6 weeks ago now. I’ve cut another couple of people from my friendships, but its all been for the best and I’m enjoying my life more now that they’re not in it. I’ve also managed to get myself a couple more friends who I don’t talk to all the time, but talk to every now and then, but when we talk, we have amazing conversations and SO MUCH FUN together.
All in all, I’m loving my current friendships and am having a lot of fun with my friends. (I do not have one of my best friends looking over my should as I write this, begging me to write lovely things about her. Not at all.)

General Life

General life is fine. I’m going to cover a few of the other things that have happened in my life since I last really just sat down and talked to y’all.
My rabbit died. Only one of them, but she was pregnant and she died the day after we moved into the new house. I’m thinking it was from the shock of moving. I have one more rabbit who I’m going to sell so I can buy myself a new one.
My other rabbit died. Not the one I’m selling, another one. I was only meant to move with one rabbit, but she died the week before we moved and I was distraught.
My laptop died. A few days ago, my laptop decided it would just BOOM. Die. It was super useful of it, I’m very pleased. Not. (Reason #2 I haven’t been blogging)
I bought a new laptop. Just yesterday, I bought myself the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 along with the majority of the accessories that I was able to buy. My parents sprung me a bit of it, but I paid for the majority of it. So now I can actually blog! On a nice laptop!
I went to the Year 10 school dance. And I loved it. I had so much fun and it was so amazing. I felt so good, comfortable and in my element. I wore a black jumpsuit and red heels and felt so good with myself, my body and everything. It was one of the most fun nights I think I’ve ever had. Three hours of dancing, singing and hanging out with friends. So worth the sore throat the day after!

Mental Health

I began working with a new counsellor. Again. This must be the 12th counsellor I’ve worked with/seen! I swear, it’s so annoying, but I just don’t seem to ‘click’ with anyone! But I think I’m clicking with this one. So far what we’ve discussed has been really good and I’ve been learning a lot.
I went through a really long period of time just before and after out move where I felt really depressed and awful. But I think I’ve got through that. I’ve been feeling very alone at nights without the music I usually listen to, but I’ve been dealing with that as it hits.
My anxiety levels have been super high recently which is really annoying, I’ve been having panic attacks much more frequently and they’ve been worse than they have ever been. But I’m also dealing with them. I’m beginning to be able to sense when they’re coming on and deal with them from there. I’ve also been discovering other methods of overcoming them and calming myself down when I’m really stressed out and anxious. Pretty much, I’m getting better at dealing with my anxiety. My new counsellor is also helping with that a lot.
Sleep. I haven’t been getting much of it. But that might have something to do with not having an actual bed and sleeping on a mattress on the floor for now. But the weirdest thing about this, is that I’m not feeling tired, I’m just not sleeping. It’s all very weird. But that’s fine.

Y’all kiddos, that’s the end of that lil’ update. I’m gonna sit here at the library and draw while listening to some relaxing children yelling and piano music, but I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Y’all should tell me about your life and how it’s been since we last talked, I’d enjoy that greatly!!!

peach out ma dudes,
emily xo

Reflecting on 2017: Best (and Worst) Moments

It is almost the end of 2017!

Can you believe that 2017 is almost at an end? I really can’t. It’s been an amazing year filled with so many things. I do things big and so, to say goodbye to 2017, I’m going to be doing a reflections series thing on 2017.

First off, the good and bad moments of 2017 – the highlights and lowlights.


Best Moments

WINNING DUX! This is by far my best moment of 2017. I won Dux (best in school) at the end of year school prizegiving. Took a lot of hard work and several arguments with several people over it. And a lot of brainpower, nerves, tests and perseverance. But I got there and I’ve now got my name on the Honours Board at school, a certificate and a shining trophy to prove my hard work. It all paid off in the end!!!

Winning Mathletics. I won this with a couple of classmates in the middle of the year and it felt so. Good. One of the best moments. Standing on the stage in front of over a hundred people holding the trophy with the three of us grinning like – what I’m not sure but was probably – maniacs. And the ride home was fun too. Mad, but fun.

Discovering (and Reading) New Books. Thanks to blogging friends and IRL friends I found so many new and amazing books that are now favourites. They’re all very good. Except the I Yam a Donkey book, it’s a picture book anyway. I think discovering the YA section of the library hugely helped with this. There are so many good books there. And I discovered a huge. New. Library. My happy place!

Image result for books

Running a Half Marathon. It took a lot of training and soreness but I ticked one thing of my list of things to do while I live. It was amazing. And I ran it with a friend.

I (Seemed(???)) Healthier. Well, I exercised a lot more and I ate healthier. I think???? That’s good, right. I think. 😕

I Got More Flexible. I’ve got my splits on my left leg. Almost on the right and my middle splits are pretty close. My back flexibility has also sky rocketed. I can now do things with my back even the most flexible girl at school balked at when she watched. I have to admit, it is pretty gross.

I Blogged More. I blogged more about what I wanted to and not so much about school stuff, like I did last year. It was very good. It was one of my best decisions of the year to keep blogging. No regrets.

I Wrote More. My story is getting somewhere now. It’s been the last 2-3 months that its really got better. I’ve got several parts of it written (don’t get me wrong, they’re not edited or anything) and a few others with outlines. But those outlines are killing me. I’m drowning in them! But The Story Without a Name, as I’m calling it, is beginning and getting better.

Image result for writing

Making Amazing Friends. I’ve always been a loner. I’ll admit it. I’m socially awkward and being smart means that I’m the ‘nerdy girl who spends all her time reading’. I know! Offensive! But this year I worked through that and…made friends! Very good friends who weren’t just my friends to copy my work. Real friends. And I made Internet friends too! .

Discovering. Running. Yes. One of the best decisions of the year. Beginning running. It’s my happy place now.


Worst Moments

Not really moments. Just things.

Stress. Everything this year was stressful. School was right up there. The fight for Dux was hard and stressed me out completely. Also, sleeping less and having less time did. Not. Help. One bit. The pressure I think I put on myself added a lot more stress. There were a lot of things that overwhelmed me so much it was difficult to keep going. BUT I DID! And now, the holidays are for destressing!

Image result for life! stressed gifs

Sleeping Less. This did not help my stress levels. I got up at about 7-8 AM last year and this year I was (and still am) getting up at about 5-6 to run and I’m not getting to  bed/sleep until really late. So much for the leisure of 8/9/10 hours of sleep I got last year! That’s a dream. It’s more like 6/7 now! It’s hard for someone who needs more time to sleep.

Having Less Time. AKA Being Busier. Goes back to the last two. I’ve got a lot more on now. With school (which I didn’t have last year), after school activities (hockey, athletics, Tara’s drumming), running and animals I’ve got far less time to do good things (READ) than I’d like. It’s not going to get easier next year with high school and all but maybe, just maybe, I’ll buy myself more time to read and write in some little places?!


What were your favourite/least favourite moments of 2017? Are you looking forward to 2018? What happened in 2017? Tell me what you’re looking forward to!

This was way to happy and sad for me. The bad things are just plain. Depressing. Is that really me?! Yikes!
If you have any ideas for future reflecting 2017 posts, sharing is caring!

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