right now #4 | soft sad music for no reason??? but it’s pretty??? + Black Veil Brides


Today is another day. And I feel the same as I have the rest of the days. And this is another playlist post of songs that are sad and soft for no particular reason other than that’s what i’m listening to currently. Which is fun. Anyway, let’s begin.

The entire playlist is right HERE if you would like to listen to it, it’s about 6 hours long which is great and yes. Now, my favourites:

  • 99 Red Balloons | Sleeping at Last
  • Already Gone | Sleeping at last
  • Better | Ben Platt (his entire album is another thing I’ve had on repeat)
  • Brother | Kodaline
  • coffee | beabadoobee
  • Creep | Daniela Andrade
  • Fallen Angels | Black Veil Brides
  • Fire on Fire | Same Smith
  • Fix You | Coldplay
  • I Feel Nothing | Openside (NZ band, non-binary lead singer named Possum, amazing band)
  • I Will Be Okay | Mimi
  • I’m a Ruin | MARINA
  • In Case You Don’t Live Forever | Ben Platt
  • Leave the City | Twenty One Pilots
  • Lonely | Dandelion Hands
  • Lullaby | Simi
  • The Moon Song – Live | Karen O
  • My Immortal | Madilyn Baily
  • She | dodie
  • Silly Girl | chloe moriondo
  • Spaceland | chloe moriondo
  • Temporary Nothing | mxmtoon
  • The Mortician’s Daughter | Black Veil Brides
  • Party Tattoos | dodie

And that, my sweets, is the end of that. We have finished April’s playlist.

Do you know any of these songs? Do you like them? Do you have any recommendations for me? What are you listening to? I’d love to know in the comments!!!

emily xo

The Meaning to Pride Flags | First Gay Post of the Year!


I feel better than I did the other day when I ranted on that now deleted post. All is good now.

I got a request from my very lovely friend Erin about a month ago (it may have been longer) to do a post explaining the meaning of the ‘main’ pride flags and explaining what they are. I know that a lot of people will come at me for the ones I choose to include, but these are the pride flags I understand and think are the most valid pride flags and gender/sexualities that people need to know about.

Heterosexuality will not be included I’m sorry because that’s not part of the LGBTQ+ acronym and we all know that it means straight.

Let’s go.

The gay pride flag

The first flag I would like to introduce is the gay pride flag. This is the rainbow flag that often symbolizes the LGBT community as a whole, but it is actually the gay pride flag. The pride flag symbolizing men loving men.

This flag is the lesbian pride flag. It symbolizes the community of women who love women.

Next, we have the bisexual pride flag. This symbolizes the community of people who have an attraction to two genders, often their own and another.

This flag is the pansexual pride flag. It symbolizes the community of people who are attracted to a person regardless of gender. Pansexuals are often described as ‘gender blind’ meaning they don’t see a person’s gender, instead the person.

The demisexual pride flag

The demisexual pride flag is very similar to the asexual pride flag. It is there for the people who feel sexual attraction only after a strong bond has been formed with someone. Please note that this attraction is not towards everyone, just some.

The asexual pride flag

This is the asexual pride flag. It’s there for people who don’t feel or experience sexual attraction or desire. These people can feel romantic attraction though and are often called ‘ace’ for short.

This is the aromantic pride flag, sometimes the yellow stripe is white. Aroantics feel no romantic attraction towards people but may feel sexual attraction. This romantic orientation is also known as ‘aro’.

A person who feels neither sexual or romantic attraction is known as ‘aro-ace’.

Onto genders now, I feel that those sexualities are the most common and most useful to know, I’m sorry if you follow me and identify with another sexuality not included, you are valid, I just do not have the room to put all the sexualities on here.

Transgender is pretty self-explanatory. It is the flag that represents the community of people in this world who do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth, these people do not have to have gone from one end of the gender spectrum to the other, however, to be classified, transgender. This is also shortened to trans*.

This is the nonbinary pride flag. It is not as commonly seen as many or any of the others here. The nonbinary pride flag is for those trans people who do not identify as neither female nor male and use pronouns other than ‘she/her’ or ‘he/him’. Please note that these people may identify as another gender but the overlying gender identity is ‘nonbinary’, they may also use ‘binary’ pronouns at certain times.

The last pride flag I would like to include today is the genderfluid pride flag. It is the flag for the people who have a changing gender, this means that they may identify as male one day, female the next and nonbinary the day after. Some genderfluid people use gender-neutral pronouns like they/them or tell people what their pronouns are daily.

Once again I would like to say that I mean no offence to people whose identities I did not include in here but I wanted to keep this an unbiased post and if I went into more genders and sexualities I would begin to differ from what I have on here, an unbiased approach. There are also far too many different orientations and identities for me to fit into one post, but if you would like to know more there is a Wikipedia post with many more identities on it that you can find upon looking up ‘pride flags’ on Google.

So I hope this post was enjoyable and educational, to be honest it wasn’t what I was wanting to post today but I decided to go ahead with it because I’m lacking motivation which is why this was not very well written. The post I was hoping to have up will hopefully be up in a few days when it’s done!

If you couldn’t tell I’m in a mental space that is not very good which is why I have been ranting a lot more, I apologise for that and would like to say that I really appreciated the kind words people left on my now deleted rant. This post was really to get me in a better headspace as it meant I had to be completely neutrally minded and write in a slightly more formal way for the majority of the pos. If you see any posts similar to this (in writing style) in the future that will probably be the reason why, because I need a little bit of time to reset my thoughts.

But I hope you enjoyed this. If there are any more post requests or things you would like to talk about or that you would like to know more about, feel free to comment them! For times when I’m lacking motivation, ideas are super helpful!

editing emily here, just wanted to say, look at that featured image, just look at it. could it get much more rainbow than that?! i think not!

see you in the next post!
emily xo