Top 10 Books of All Time | Can You Tell I’m Grasping for Ideas??? But it’s BOOKS!!!

Aloha. this is the third time I have written out this post and each time it has been different. Let’s see if I can get it to work this time, a full 24 hours after I started writing and this was due up. I actually forgot what I was meant to be writing about and … More Top 10 Books of All Time | Can You Tell I’m Grasping for Ideas??? But it’s BOOKS!!!

I’m Scared

Okay, I’ve been putting this post off for a while now, always afraid of the backlash it would have. But now this whole thing has reached breaking point and I’m writing about it. Being transgender in this current day and age is scary. Let’s just start with that. Everywhere I look at the moment I … More I’m Scared


ALL MY SCHEDULED POSTS DIDN’T POST AND DELETED. So, I’m sorry for the lack of posting. Very sorry. But I’m back and am not going to be scheduling posts in the near future. And also, credits to the artist for the amazing piece making up my header, thanks so much, I love it! QUICK DISCLAIMER: … More Gender

My LGBTQ Speech

There is a spoken version of this speech at the end. Recently we had to write speeches for English. We were asked to write about something we were passionate about. For me, this topic was LGBTQ rights. Below is this speech. If you cannot be bothered to read it all, I have inserted the video … More My LGBTQ Speech


The following is a list of things that gays (and other LGBTQ+ frens) do that I have picked up on. I’m not sorry. Feeling really bad for watching the most adorable couples (I honestly swear they are the cutest things) and getting the feeling they think that you’re really homophobic when in all actuality, you’re … More Gay