About Me

Hello people! I am Emily aka the owner of this little blog. As you may be able to tell, I am not at all normal. Deal with it. IT’S NOT GOING TO CHANGE! The first four facts are vital for you to know if we are GOING TO GET ALONG. OK? GOOD. 🙂

The Very Simple Me

  • I am me and I am prepared to hold my own against you all. I am who I am and no one else. You should be the same!
  • My name is Emily, nice to meet you, who are you?
  • I am 13-years-old. End of story.
  • I live in New Zealand, you know, the country that misses out on most maps because we’re at the bottom of the world. And I live in the country.
  • I am completely weird and will happily admit it. You will also have to deal with it.
  • I have a significant hearing loss which should not bother you all because we are talking through the internet. In fact, I have lost ALL MY HEARING in my right ear.
  • My way of dealing with big things is through humour and lightheartedness.

Vital Facts You MUST READ

  • I’m a runner and am proud of it. Running is LIFE. It’s an odd passion for a 13-year-old, but I am odd. So. There. Get ready for running tips, tricks and general posts!
  • I am a bookworm who mainly reads YA fantasy. However, with limited library resources I have a very lacking source of these and will often revert to reading children and adult books of these genres. It is a lot of fun. And it winds the librarians up…SCORE! If you wanna recommend me any books, feel free. Then we can fangirl together!!!!!
  • I am a writer and I have not finished a novel. Yet. I write a lot of short stuff. It would all be longer but I have an uncanny habit of killing off my dear characters before I have a chance to make the stories long. I love writing sassy, grump characters, magic and evil changes…Look out for me! I do post some writing on here and if you have any simple ideas for short stories I will happily take them and write you a story.
  • I’m a huge fangirl and I am very angry with several authors right now (these are listed at the end so that I can scream at them). I am open to fangirling with you. If you want to fangirl together, just comment so we can scream through the internet together!
  • I love animals, and…I own several of them. My favourite being my darling pet bunny rabbit Talitha. She has her own page over here somewhere. It’s in the ABOUT tab.

Other Random Facts About MOI

  • I am a Ravenclaw, in Athena’s Cabin and an Erudite. Don’t judge. I’m smart, evil and ready for anything. I also spend a lot of time worrying, planning and organising.
  • I’m best friends with Sophie, Annabeth, Hermione, Molly and Winter…and maybe Scarlet? Oh, and Keefe and Ro, who could forget them?! Anyway, don’t judge, I like sassiness and determination in characters…and friends…and these guys are amazing. I’d like them on my team. I think we’d totally rock. If you wanna join us you’d better prove your worthiness!
  • I hate fanfic and am going to admit that I have read a few fanfics. THEY WERE ALL HORRIBLE. I mean, since when did SOPHIE AND FITZ DRIVE IN CARS?! GRRRRRR…Maybe it’s just AU fanfic, but I hate it. I also have an unhealthy addiction to reading it. I don’t know why, maybe just to find a good one that I like?! 🙂
  • I am on Goodreads here if you’d like to meet more of me and my reading?!
  • I love goals and so if you see many of these sorts of posts then don’t worry, that’s just me.

My Favourite Authors

  • Rick Riordan
  • JK Rowling
  • Melissa Meyer
  • Shannon Messenger (who I will scream at for those horrible cliff-hangers. I mean, and I have to wait until SPRING (FALL FOR YOU AMERICANS) FOR THE NEXT BOOK?!)
  • Cecelia Ahern who needs to write more AMAZING books.
  • Care to fangirl over their books with me? Or give me new faves?



5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I AM ALSO VERY WEIRD AYYAYAYAYAY! <- a demonstration of my weirdness
    Also, ShAnNoN mEsSeNgEr HaS tOo MaNy ClIfFhAnGeRs??????????????? WHY???????????????
    Ooof, your hearing dilemna sounds complicated! I hope you feel better soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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