justified thought procees

midnight sobs

broken sobs at 1am, flickering candles across sketchy papers. freshly picked sunflowers on the windowsill, dark under-eye circles. cold, sweet coffee and quiet words. city lights from a highrise, plants by the window. flannel and soft, sad songs. flower crowns and gentle touches late at night. impatience, pale colours, early morning blog posts. oversized hoodies and warm strawberries. bright sunsets, empty eyes, broken handwritten letters atop a desk. gentle smiles, sadness without reasoning, dancing in the rain. soft laughter. allnighters, easy love. uncompleted homework, filled notebooks. stars at 4am. unshed tears, paint covered hands, late night calls. silver rings, long-haired cats. miniature sketchbooks. smudged pencil lines, impulse buys. late night flirting, embroidered denim. midnight tea, vanilla, doodles in margins. abandoned projects, messy hair. daisies and daffodils. notebooks, new blossoms, fallen leaves. historical musicals. pencil doodles on desks, old books. too many emotions. quiet libraries, procrastination. lavender, nostalgia, photographs. almond milk, raspberries, lattes. spiderwebs, dewdrops in the morning. butterflies. unorganized routines, sad laughter. slam poetry, wax-sealed envelopes. warm sheets, skinny jeans. neon city lights, pressed flowers, tangled headphones. repetitive patterns, shaking fits. numbers, the colour yellow. leaves and bush walks. forgotten words, memorised faces. coloured voices, withheld secrets. quiet conversations, blaring music. torn receipts, rainy days, dark chocolate. old memories, small details. sparkles, journals, muted colour. leather jackets, cafes and cookie dough. piano music, soft whispers, clear skies. sea salt, moonlight, eyes. lemon water, gel pens.

open hearts, empty eyes. broken souls, forgotten thoughts. sad smiles, soft laughs. acoustic music, paint filled pages. taped up photographs, winter mornings.

memories made, faces forgotten.

misplaced dreams.

so that was sort of a ‘my aesthetic’ post. but my aesthetic is a lot of contradicting things bunched together, a bit like me. it’s a lot of soft, yet a lot of dark.
tell me about your aesthetic, just for fun. it doesn’t have to be as long as mine, just as long as the last three or four lines, but it’d be cool to see your aesthetics too!

emily xo

4 thoughts on “justified thought procees

  1. Here goes…some of this might not make sense to other people, but these are the things that mean a lot to me.
    Being at sea. Feeling the wind in my sails (literally and figuratively). My friends in general (the more annoying the better for some weird reason). A boy I kinda feel lost without. Summer and everything about it. Festivals and that magic in the air when it’s warm and there’s music and people are happy. Writing my heart out. The beauty of poetry. The aesthetics of words. OYT Scotland, CatZero and The Island Trust. Avocados on toast with salt and pepper. Storms and dancing in the rain. Bracelets (lots of them). Looking at boats (though it makes me sad that I don’t have one). Music 24/7. The power and focus I feel when I’m swimming. Being part of something. Dungareessss. Saying ‘I love you’. Sarcasm and when people actually understand my jokes. Sunsets. Deep talks. Aesthetic photos. Getting covered in mud and not caring. Hoodies. Nostalgia (but not too much). The ocean. Seeing dolphins so close you could reach out and touch them when I’m sailing. Seeing the positive transformation in people. Doing something that will make someone else happy. Reading something insanely relatable. Bookssssss and learning. Camo. Days spent outside in the woods and the fields. Coming home dirty, sweaty, hungry and on top of the world. Beach walks. Sharing food. Knowing that someone will be there for you no matter what. Revolution (but mostly singing about revolution). Being a rebel. When a song you love comes on the radio in a public place and you just have to sing along. Camping. Rolypolying down hills. Meeting people who are either sailors, swimmers or writers (they understand life, you see). When you’ve been determined to master a skill and you finally do. Banter and inside jokes. Messy buns. Emo aesthetics. Song lyrics. The colours blue, red and black (but not together). The smell of campfires and incense. Giving people gifts. Daydreaming. Night thinking. Being me.

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  2. That was beautiful! And Gracie’s too!
    This will be a really short one that I can think off the top of my head:

    Animals, baggy clothes, chocolate, football and hockey. Chickens and ducks pecking the food out of my hands, cats insisting that they need to claw me to ribbons before settling down. Reading and collecting books, more chocolate, home baking, homemade friendship bracelets, family, getting muddy when you try really hard not to, my best friend, watching movies after reading the books and complaining about them, wearing socks 24/7, when gluten free food tastes good, messy hair in attempted buns, spring babies and plants, giant blankets, too much chocolate, gardening, baby chickys, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Memes, ducks, adventures, finding fossils, gumboots full of water, love. Watercolours and pastels. Looking at photos, being unnecessarily annoying, baby foxes, goats, herbs. Summer fruits and watermelon. inspirational quotes, learning things the hard way. Enjoying life with family, friends and all of my pets πŸ’–

    I’m actually quite impressed with that.


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