The Fault In Our Stars

Most of you lovely readers will have either watched or read The Fault in Our Stars.  It’s very good, and I know because I’ve both read it and watched it.  We’ve had it on record for the last about 5 months and last night we finally watched it!  So I’m here for yet another review.  This time of The Fault in Our Stars.  Here goes.

The Fault in Our Stars is a movie about Hazel Grace Lancaster who has cancer.  Thyroid cancer.  I have no idea what that is so if you want to, look it up.  But Hazel has this cancer and her Mum thinks she’s depressed.  Hazel is not going to admit that, but her Mum makes her go to a support group.  She hates it, but one day meets a boy there who obviously hates it just as much as she does.  After the meeting he drives her back to his place, not all that safely, and they both decide that they are going to swap books.  OMG, I am no good at this!  Basically, they go to Amsterdam and then lots happens.  But then more happens after that.

This is a very sad movie about heartbreak and lots of other things.  I think that the rating on it – PGR – was a little bit low and would say that given a few bits in it it was probably an M.  I think that I really need to read the book again because it was a book I’d been recommended but never really got into.  So next time I’m at the library I’ll get it out again.  And then I’ll be able to get it right.

So that was my movie review that was even worse than my Cinderella one.  I’m sorry about the terribility of it, but I think that you should watch the movie.

And sorry about the randomness of the last post.  The explanation it here.  Or maybe here.  I don’t know.

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