The Diary of Cleo – #1

Hello, I’m Cleo and Emily said that I could post on here.  I am Emily’s new calf, if you were wondering, this is me:


So, I am going to be posting about my life in my little diary on here weekly.  Let me introduce myself.  I am Cleo (short for Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt according to Emily) and I am a first cross crossbreed according to my owner.  This means that my mother was a pure Friesian cow and my father was a pure Jersey bull meaning that I am somehow a crossbred calf.  Don’t ask me!  Don’t ask me about when my birthday was because I frankly do not remember my birthday, all I remember is that I was born in a muddy paddock and then got put in a trailer and transported to a pen with lots of other calves.  But that aside I am Emily’s new calf for this year.  She told me that she had told you all about Hope, her calf from last year, and I am going to be even better than Hope!

My day today was very boring because Emily put Ella and Enzo (my big friends) out in the paddock with milk and then fed me and then went ’cause apparently she had to go to school.  *sigh* And so I sat in the shed waiting and waiting and waiting for a friend. Then the big cows came in and got milked and there was lots of loud noise and then they went away and I was lonely.  Again.  Until Emily came back!  That was really heaps later and I was very annoyed because I wanted more milk.  But Emily came in and turned on a bright light and I came skipping over to her.  I was very excited to have company!  Emily walked into the pen and I thought she was going to give me milk!  But she didn’t have the bottle 😦 and I was upset.  But she did put this thing over my nose and behind my ears and under my chin and I made a right big deal of putting it on, but then, I was fine because all I wanted was to suck Emily’s fingers.  And I got to.  But then Emily tied me up and I was annoyed because I was stuck to a fence and I was upset.  And I made a big deal of it and pulled and tugged.  But Emily walked away and got these things called brushes and then came back and everything was all good and I was happy again.  But Emily obviously saw that I didn’t like being tied up and told me that I had to learn to be tied up but she would untie me.  So I stood there and sucked Emily’s hands and she got these brush things and started getting the wood chips off of me.  And I got impatient because I didn’t want to be in the shed being brushed, I wanted to be out with my friends but Emily said that it that it was cold and raining and that if I went out I would get cold and wet and yuck and sick and we didn’t want that.  But once she’d brushed me and got all the yuck off me I got to go out and walk around the shed where the big cows are milked.  And I found the other’s milk!  And I tried to drink it, but Emily pulled my head out of the bucket and I huffed and she took me back into my pen.  But she did give me my milk and I was happy.  This is me drinking and playing with the bottle (Emily thought I was trying to get more milk out, but I’m not that silly :)!)


was trying to get more milk out, I’ll admit it!  But Emily walked away and left the milk bottle in the pen so I knew she was going to come back, and then, next thing I know my big huge bulky giantnormous friends are there!  And they really want their milk.  But I wanted to suck their ears and then, they got annoyed with me.  So I left them and sucked Emily’s fingers until they were done and she took the buckets and escaped the chaos!

This is us before Emily left:


We were very happy, Enzo’s on the right of me and Ella’s on the other side.  And I am, of course, in the middle, being the star I am!

And now, I’m sitting in my pen with my friends who are keeping me very warm!

Bye, bye,

Copy of Espresso Shot.jpg


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