Another Running Post

Is this all I talk about, running, sorry if you hate the posts, I’m posting those presents tomorrow, I promise!

So, we’re back at school for Term 3!  Yes, it’s Term 3 already and I envy all you annoying (ly lovely) English bloggers who are posting about just going on holiday.  So I’m busy, sorry about the lack of posts…or was it only the day before yesterday that I posted last?!


I am so excited now though, because of my favourite thing in the whole wide world; running!!!  So at school we’ve got Cross Country later in the Term and I am going to win it and get into Interschools I am going to attempt to win it and get into the Interschools where I will win and go to the next Interschools! attempt to win again and get into the next Interschools.  But, we have to wait till September for that.  Until then I have to run up and down hills and stuff to get extra fit.  And now I have a coach!  She’ll coach me via email because she lives about 2 hours away and i can’t meet up with her everyday, but I’m extra excited for that too, she’ll be able to help my win the Interschools!!!  *squeals with excitement*  I’m very excitable at the moment so let’s calm the moment with my big dream.  It’s a story too.  This is, My Big Dream; A Story:


I Have A Dream

             I have a dream.  A big dream.  My dream is to go to the Olympics and win gold in the women’s 5000m middle distance running race.  One day I want to be like Lucy Oliver, my idol.  

             The dream is only relatively new to me but I am certain that running is what I want to do and I know I can get to the Olympics.  I only began running at the beginning of this year, I’m certainly no child prodigy!  When I began running it was as training for the Weet-Bix kids tryathlon.  However, I soon discovered that I hated the swimming and biking parts of it, but loved the running.  This surprised me as running had never actually struck an interest for me.  But I continued it after the triathlon, just for fun really, every morning in at 6am, rain or shine, running about 2kms before breakfast.  Slowly, over about 2 months, the distance I ran each day increased and by the start of April I was running 6km before school.  Then I increased the running to twice daily, running 6km in the morning and 2km in the evening.  Running really became my life, the only thing that mattered to me.  Nothing else was as important to me as running – nothing still is – I gave up a lot to run, everything from reading to drawing and writing – things that I had loved just last year.

             Slowly, but surely, I found that I was improving, could run further and further in the same time.  These improvements just made me more eager to run.  

             My mindset is strong now, but it really will have to get stronger as I get older, especially if I am to compete at the Olympics because running hurts.  And it’s hard, but I know that with hard work I can make it.  Slowly I will get there and win the gold.  But then, as Jesse Owens said ‘We all have dreams.  In order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort

             Even as the weather got colder, the dark hours longer, I still ran, I still am now.  I’m still getting up at 6 and running, but now I’m running 4km before and after school and between 8km and 14km in the weekend, again before breakfast.  Near the end of May I did my first competitive race; a 10km.  It was so much fun and I came 1st in my age, 5th out of the women and 12th overall, and the feeling of running against others was exhilarating.  Now, a month later, I’ve just run a half-marathon, placing 3rd equal overall.  Who said girls weren’t as good athletes as boys?!

Now, with the help of my coach, I will be able to go far and strong.  And her passion for running is just fuelling mine too.

             Now, after running for 6 months, I’m adamant that running is my passion, and that one day, in the not too distant future, I’m going to go to those Olympics and win that gold, both for myself and New Zealand.


I have a dream.

Emily Kirk

Age 12


And maybe I just post stories too.  Running and stories.  But none of those things tomorrow, promise!

Espresso Shot


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