Just a Little Question

So, Hannah, I’m about to copy your idea because I need another about 50 answers for my survey!  And I haven’t got the photos of my presents because the camera ran out of battery!


Right, my fellows.  I am doing a statistical investigation for a school maths project and I NEED HELP!!!  LIKE, DESPERATELY!!!  It would be a great big, massive help if you could help me by filling out my survey……I need 60 of them filled in!!!

With statistical investigations everyone chooses a topical thing to survey heaps of people on and then they give out the survey and graph the data.  If the investigation is good enough, it’s entered in a competition and you can win money prizes.  This is my little survey, please get your parents/friends to fill it in too!

Child Obesity Survey:

Do you think children in New Zealand are becoming obese?

I am investigating what the people of New Zealand (or any other countries) think about child obesity in New Zealand (or their country).  Whether people think that children are not becoming obese or whether they are.  Please send in the answers that refer to you to: chase123hope@gmail.com I know that it’s a wierd email! The questions are bigger than the answers in case you were wondering, I hope not!

1) How old are you?

(10-13yrs)     (14-19yrs)     (20-29yrs)     (30-39yrs)     (40-49yrs)     (50+yrs)

2) What gender are you?

(Female)              (Male)              (Other)

3) Do you have children?

(Yes)              (No)              (Expecting a child)

4) Do you think children in New Zealand (or your country) are obese?

(Yes)              (No)              (Some of them)              (Don’t know)

5) Do you think children are more obese now than they were 10 years ago?

(Yes)              (No)              (Too young to know)              (Unsure)

6) What do you think of the sugar tax the NZ government is thinking of implementing? 

(Good)             (Bad)             (It could work)             (Don’t care)            ( Don’t know about it)

7) What do you think is the main cause of obesity?

(Too much food)         (Junk food)         (Sugar)         (Not enough exercise)        (All)

8) Do you think kindergartens/schools (excluding boarding schools) should supply children food?

(Yes)         (No)         (Don’t know)         (Only healthy options like fruit and vegetables)

9) Do you think that sports people/famous people should be promoting unhealthy food?

(Yes)              (No)              (Don’t know)

9) Do you think that child obesity can be stopped?

(Yes)              (No)              (Maybe)

Do you have any comments or suggestions about this topic?

Just email these in please if you have any!

Thank you for taking my survey!              ~Emily


So there was my little survey, I’d really appreciate it if you helped me out.

Espresso Shot


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