My Birthday Party!

Before I begin, this post is too long as it is to add what I got for my birthday, so that’s tomorrows post!  It’ll be about 1000 words as it is, just for one thing, so let’s leave the other!  So, so, so sorry Ellie!


So, my 13th birthday!  Can you believe I’m 13!  I cannot!  Last year I didn’t bother to have a party but apparently when you turn 13 you need one, so I had one, and it was fun.  It was not – and I emphasise the word not – a big party, but as much as the saying ‘the more the merrier’ means that more means more fun, it was brilliant fun as it was.  So (is there a synonym for ‘so’?!), I only had 4 girls over, plus there was me and my little miss annoying sisters, so there were about 7 of us in all, and we had quite a good time.  It was a very long party, it went from 1-5 in the afternoon (obviously!) but we had time to do heaps.  Thus (synonym for ‘so’), here is my lovely little..or not so…um, recap!


You know the basics, so I won’t go over them again for your sake!  Basically it was heaps of fun and a trillion photos are to be included into this!  Firstly, the most important thing, the food!  I decided to have a ‘blueberry and lemon’ flavoured party, which didn’t turn out so true!  So it was just a whole bunch of food, lots of it chocolaty and sweet and not much none of it good for you, but it was a party, so who cares?  I didn’t certainly!  but there was a massive bunch of food, chocolate eclairs, fruit, macaroons, lollies and a whole bunch more stuff that was delicious and we’ve got heaps left over of!  But the cake was the stand out feature, these are the photos:

The top view.
The side view.

It was pretty amazing and I was very pleased with the outcome when Mum made it.  It was a blueberry and lemon flavoured cake with lemon and blueberry jam icing and lemon curd macaroons on it.  And it tasted delicious.  I had a panic moment before the party when I realised that Dad and I had only bought 12 glittery black candles!  And I was 13, not 12, but Mum’s got a massive selection of candles and there was one unused white glittery one there, so it was stolen and the panic was off!


Next, the fun of our crazy games.  We didn’t get photos unfortunately (I don’t use that word enough, I must use it more!), so you’ll just have to imagine the craziness of them all I’m afraid!  We ended up playing 4, or was it only 3?, games but they took ages as we played numerous rounds of them.  The first game was one Dad called ‘beer pong’ because it was meant to be played with beer glasses, but we called it ‘tea pong’ because it was played with tea cups.  Basically, you had 6 ping pong balls and 9 cups, you sat about 2 metres away from the cups which were set up in a triangle and tried to get the balls into the cups.  Yes, it sounds simple, but just ask Hannah (because she’s my only friend with a blog), and she’ll tell you that it was incredibly difficult to master!  Briar was the only one of us who was actually very good, and she’s 5!  And the second game was even crazier and more fun!  It was a Hunger Games themed game in which you had to have a balloon and a sharp pencil and everyone runs around attempting to pop each others balloons to kill them!  It was so much fun and chaos, especially when there were only two people left ‘alive’ and neither of them wanted to pop the others balloon for fear of dying themselves!  Next time you’re having a party, definitely try it, it’d work really well with heaps of people outside, except we couldn’t do that because it was raining and muddy and Alexandra was wearing white converse and white jeans!  And…last but not least (there were only three games after all!) we played ‘Taste the Rainbow’ which you must have at least heard of!  You give each person a straw, a small bowl and put a plate of skittles (or something similar) in the middle of them all, they then suck the skittles onto the end of the straw and keep sucking until they’re over the bowl, then they drop them.  The winner is the one with the most skittles in the bowl at the end!  It was heaps of fun and another must try game.


Because it was such a long party we had time to all sit down in the lounge where the fire was on and it was 24 degrees and watch a movie.  We watched Mirror, Mirror, the new (and very good) version of Snow White.  Yes, I will do a review of that because it was good.  But anyway, we were watching the movie, all relaxed, when the lights began flickering and it began raining shiny confetti!  It turned out that Dad had decided to get his leaf blower and fill it with confetti before firing it at us ignorant (lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated. dictionary definition, not the one meaning rude!) girls!  So we were covered in shiny confetti that was everywhere! We stopped the movie and attacked each other with it which added to the fun.  That wasted heaps of time but was the most fun game ever!  Then Briar got it all in her hair and rolled in it making confetti angels!!!  These are the photos:


So she had fun, and Dad had fun cleaning up which he got the joy of because he was the one who did it!  Hannah’s in a few of the photos because she was ‘helping’ Briar, she was also the one to plait all the sparkles into her hair!  We’re still finding sparkly bits now!


Here upon, this is the end of the recap of my birthday party.  And it’s sitting at 1021 word when I wrote the number there, so I am sorry to bore you and waste your time.  But thanks!  Comment and like if you liked my lovely little…or not so little…post, don’t if you didn’t (but I don’t remember all of my 112 followers, so you won’t be in trouble, I promise!).

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