My Favourite Music/Playlist

I love music.  Like, LOVE!  For my birthday, Mum and Dad got me an MP3 Player.  It’s bright blue and really useful, but nothing but my ear-buds connect to it, so only can hear the music which means I can’t sing along to it without looking (sounding?) weird :(. But I love the ability to play music whenever – wherever – I want.  So, what’ve I got on it?  *Checks* 120 songs!  Not that I’ll tell you all of their titles, here goes my favourites:

1. Lorde: Liability, Green Light, Melodrama and Supercut

I love Lorde, like I love music.  I’ve got the new Lorde CD and the album on my MP3, but these 4 songs are my favourites.

2. Maggie Lindermann:  Pretty Girl and Couple of Kids

Maggie Lindermann writes very – and I mean very – good music.  Pretty Girl is about being the best you can be, but it is explicit (meaning: swearing).  And Couple of Kids is great too, just not sure whether it’s explicit.

3. Sia: The Greatest, Alive, To Be Human and Chandelier

Again, I love Sia’s music, these are just my favourites.

4. Melanie Martinez: Carousel, Dollhouse and Pacify Her

Melanie Martinez is one of those inspirational artists.  Hannah introduced me to her, and she is amazing.  BTW, Hannah, is that what the CRYBABY sign on your blog’s for?  Just asking.

5. Vanessa Carlton: Hear the Bells and White Houses

I was introduced to Vanessa Carlton by the internet.  I wanted a piano song and hers are easy.  *thinks* I really should get onto learning that!  I showed you Hear the Bells the other day, but I really like White Houses

Two more, I promise!

6. Katy Perry: Rise

I’ve loved this song since it came out, nothing more to say!

7. And finally…Ed Sheeran: Nancy Mulligan, Happier and I See Fire

Ed Sheeran is someone who I am the only person in this family who likes.  Again, I See Fire is old, but good.  And the other two are also very good.

8. Oh, and one more.  Halestorm: Dear Daughter, Bad Girls World and Mz. Hyde

I love Halestorm.  If you’ve never heard of them, they’re a rock band with a female lead singer.  Don’t just listen to the first song and go ‘they’re not a rock band!’, in that one they’re calmer.  But Dear Daughter’s my favourite of theirs.


So, there are *pauses to count* 21 of my songs, um, 17.5% of my music, Google’s helpful! Tell me if you like any of the music, and what I should listen to.

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15 thoughts on “My Favourite Music/Playlist”

  1. They are some great songs Emily. You havn’t beat the number of my songs on my MP3 though *checks* 168 or 1168, its really old, the screen light is slowly disappearing.

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