I Remember…

I Remember…

I remember the hill.  And me.  Standing at the top of the hill, the wind at my back, the sun in my eyes.  The sound of the wind, the birds, everything is still so real, still as though I’m there now.  Everything.  The sounds, smells, sights, tastes.  Everything.  It’s still there.

I remember the air, humid, yet somehow cold, chilling.  Maybe it was the wind, who knows, I’m not there now. It was a long time ago.  

Alone, I was.  It was just me and what seemed to be a thousand miles.  Me and nothing else.  It was as free as I’ve ever felt.  The freest I’ve ever been.  And it felt good.  Good to be alone, without a care in the world.  In the sunrise, on the hill.

It was beautiful.  The golds and pinks of the sun, peeking up above the trees on the horizon, made the world vibrant.  All the colour, bathing the world in morning glow, lighting it up, washing away the night.  The darkness was at one end of the world, the light at the other.  Each on opposing horizons, complete opposites.  

Further than I could see the world stretched.  Fields of green merged together until they were just a blob getting further and further away.  Hundreds of miles must have been out there, but on the hill it looked like mere centimeters.  No one would understand the beauty of it.

The sounds of the birds calling their welcomes to the world is the most vivid thing still in my mind.  The thousands of different calls and twitters, chirps and songs.  Everything is still there.  And it won’t fade.  It refuses to fade.  Especially that one call, that one chirp, that one twitter, the twitter that set itself apart from the rest.  That one beautiful twitter that was shortest of all, just one or two notes.  The one magical twitter that meant something, but said nothing.   I had no idea what it was about, but it struck something in my mind.  And I took off running, down that hill, out of the sunrise.  

I remember everything as if it was now, as if I was there.  As if it was today.  That one moment I remember.  That one moment of my life.


That’s a story we wrote with our principal at school early in the term, I thought you guys would like it.  So maybe it’s not really true.  Most of it’s a lie exaggerated, although I did stand on the hill, in the sunrise, so I s’pose it’s almost true!  Give me your thoughts on it, I like the criticism you guys give me.

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3 thoughts on “I Remember…”

  1. I could see everything, it was so well described. Your use of adjectives was brilliant. I don’t think I have any criticism for you actually! Hmmmm, if you wanted a few tips….? Maybe you could try thinking outside the box a bit more? Especially with your metaphors? Beautiful though! Absolutely perfect.

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