LIFE!!! (a.k.a CRAZY) and Snow

I have so much to post about now!  Sorry for my absence, we had a two day power cut and I was extremely annoyed because it meant I couldn’t write the katrillion posts I wanted to!  But I’m doing two posts today just to catch up because I have a list of about one thousand posts!

Alright, life is crazy!  Or mine is at least.  The power cut actually made me slow down and relax a little, so maybe the odd two day power cut is good, but only for that, it made everything else crazy!  And so, now you’re asking what brought on the power cut, aren’t you?  Well, that’s easy – snow – yes, SNOW, the white stuff that’s so muchfunandfreezingandeverything – calm down again, Emily!  Yes, we had snow for a day and a half, and there’s still a tinesy bit on the lawn just about melted, but now it’s raining.  So, you wanna see photos, here you go:

SNOW! The girls had been wandering around in it – IN BARE FEET, IN THEIR PYJAMAS, AT 6:30 IN THE MORNING!!!!
More footprints!
The car, slightly covered!
Poor tree, we lost at least one to the snow! 😦
This is the washing line, we couldn’t really hang anything on it!
My new bunny, Celia, in the snow! A snow bunny!
The creeks rose so much, and froze over, they looked amazing!
Later in the day, as the snow began to melt away!

So there are the snow photos!  I had to give up running for two days because of it!  :(. But the snow, it was rather beautiful.

So much for no storm Hannah!  Please follow that link, the post is very good, it made me laugh lots!  And I’ve had to postpone my birthday party because of it!  But at least it means everyone can come.





4 thoughts on “LIFE!!! (a.k.a CRAZY) and Snow”

  1. WOW! It snowed heaps at our house too, but not that much. And we had a power cut, though ours only lasted about 5 hours in the morning when we were to busy playing in the snow (well when I was playing in the snow, the others got too cold). Love the snow bunny!

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