Cinderella; A Movie Review

I’ll admit it now, I don’t watch many movies.  Yes, I know, for a 12 *ahem* 13-year-old, that’s pretty rubbish, but it’s true.  Well, I do watch lots but they’re things like Despicable Me and Madagascar, not really age appropriate, but the girls watch them and I walk in and out of them.  Don’t kill me if you like those movies, they’re really funny and good to watch but not quite what you’d expect!  But in the last week I’ve watched two more appropriate movies; Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and Cinderella.  The new Cinderella that is, not the Disney original.  And it was very good.  They both were. But since I own Cinderella (I got it for my birthday, I chose it but pretended I hadn’t, and had no idea about it!), I’m going to do a review of it:

But I have no idea how to do movie reviews, so let’s just copy the format of this one, by Abigail!  But Abigail either deleted it or didn’t do it, so I’ll just wing it!

Right *pauses and thinks lots* here goes:

Ella is a young girl living somewhere unknown.  She is the only child of a merchant who is away most of the time.  But her father adores her and will do anything for her.  Ella’s life is wonderful, but one day, disaster strikes and her mother passes away for untold reasons, Ella and her father are devastated, but slowly life begins again.

One day Ella’s father decides to re-marry.  He marries a widow with two daughters who instantly remake the house and decide to hate Ella.  Years later, Ella’s father becomes unwell and dies, leaving Ella in the care of her stepmother and sisters.  Ella is moved to the attic and becomes the slave to the three of them.

One day, her stepmother irritates Ella so much she takes off into the forest.  She meets a young man who tells her just that he is an apprentice, but not what sort of apprentice he is.  A few days later the prince announces that there will be a ball to which every girl in the kingdom is invited, and at this, he will choose his bride.

Well you really know the rest, but I’d ruin it if you haven’t watched it if I told you, so I’ll stop here.

I’d give it 5 stars and say that anyone can watch it, even Briar didn’t run out screaming, and she did that at Despicable Me!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  (I love star emojis!)

Was that OK?!  I hope so!




8 thoughts on “Cinderella; A Movie Review”

  1. You did a terrific job. But don’t ever think that you can’t enjoy something (be it a movie, book, or whatever) because of your age. I’m much older than you and I still enjoy cartoons, fairy tales, and all kinds of things that some would say I’m too old for. And I’m not alone.

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