Well, I like sport guys, I expect you know that.  I run, do gym at school and play hockey in the Winter and this is a post dedicated to my sporting recently.

Oh, and it was my birthday yesterday, but there’s a birthday haul post coming soon when I have all my presents, apparently they haven’t all arrived yet.

But now, the actual post.

So, let’s begin with the running.  Today I did a half-marathon!  For the first time ever I ran over 16kms.  Last Sunday I ran 16kms but today it was 21.1kms!  I was so pleased with myself when I completed it.  My teacher and best friend’s sister were doing it too and I did the whole thing with Sam and beat my teacher!  And it was so much fun, there were moments when I didn’t think I could complete it, but there was a little voice somewhere in my head that propelled me onwards.  Sam and I got equal 3rd in a time of 1 hour, 54 minutes which was amazing.  The last hundred metres was the best, the two of us sprinted to the end and almost fell over!  There will be photos up when I have them, which reminds me, this is the 10km photo:

Emily croppedAnd onto the next thing (I really hope this photo alignment works!); hockey.  I’ve been playing for a while this season and my team is going really well.  We’ve lost only one game and drawn one, but the rest we’ve won!  And on Friday we won again.  And, even better, I scored my first goal of the season.  The thing was that I was playing an attacking position throughout the game, whereas I usually play a defensive one.  And I was in the exact right position which made my coach even happier because the few times before when we’d had a scoring chance the player had been a metre out.


And now, I’ve finished writing and am going off to listen to Lorde and crochet and massage my feet!


white3 - Copy (4)


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