Animals…A Post a Long Time in the Making

Now I’m back for another post.  This one’s a cute one that everyone will love; a rabbit (baby rabbit) post!

So, you know about Cream, right?  This is her:

Alright, I have 0 photos of her on her own so onto the next thing!  Well, about 2 months ago I got a gorgeous (and massive) black buck, this is Oscar (you’ve never met him, no one has who reads this):


And he’s just the sweetest, giantnormous bunny EVER!  And so what happens when you cross Creamy and Oscar together?  You get these:


Adorable baby bunnies!  Yes, baby bunnies!  They’re a month old today and huge.  The one at the back, with the white is the boy, Tim-Tam, and the front one is the girl, Squiggles.  Yes, I did name them after chocolate covered cookies, but who cares, they’re adorable.  And I’m getting another rabbit, a white-blue-eyed doe sometime next week.

An here’s a video, it included Cream (she’s the big white and tan one):



P.S. You can see how small they are in the video when one of them hops into the bowl, Oscar’s next to his and you can see the difference.


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