And I’m Back – cue the smiley faces and exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and confetti and blueberry cakes)

Yes, I know that I say this all the time, but I am back from my unwanted hiatus.  Or blog banning, yes I was banned from my blog for ages and ages and ages, but let’s not worry about that for now, or forever.

So, I’ve lots to tell you and photos to put up and so, just to keep a good schedule, I’m going to give you a list of things for me to post on and you to look forward to.

Here goes:

  • Running
  • Rabbits
  • Calves
  • Birthdays (just saying, it was Tara’s yesterday and I’m 13 on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • School
  • Art
  • School
  • Holidays
  • Stories
  • Poems
  • So much more 🙂
  • and…Hannah’s blog

Well, that last one’s today’s post.

So, my friend Hannah from school (there’s a post including her here), has just created a blog.  And just to welcome her to the blogosphere, I’ll do a post for her.

As much as there’s nothing on her blog just yet, well, there’s an about page and a home page, here’s the link.  Please do go check out her blog, I think you’ll like it, really she’s pretty much like me and the posts’ll be awesome.  Please, please, please.  And she promises not to go on holiday without a word like me!  She’ll be more reliable, but just don’t leave me alone, okay.

Thanks (if you go see the blog, but for sticking with me for the past month of no posts),


P.S. And I promise I’ll be good so I’m not banned again.  I’m also writing this at school but it won’t be posted till I get home because it has to be checked till Saturday when I turn 13 according to Mum.



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