Dear readers,

My running at the moment is my absolute favourite thing.  I run every morning except Fridays and every Tuesday and Wednesday I run in the afternoon too.  Over the weekend I go for long runs and weekdays I do 4km ones.  So you could say that I’m fit.  No, not fat, fit, with an ‘I’!  I only don’t run in the afternoons on other days because: Monday: hockey practise, Thursday: gym practise, Friday: hockey game, Saturday and Sunday: I’ve already done long runs (8+kms).

A while back when this post was originally written I saw a 10km (about 6.2 mile) run.  It was about 3 weeks away from the time then but it was last Sunday (28th May).  So anyhow, I entered it and I’ve beaten my goal for this year of just 5kms!  Mmmm, it’s the only one I’ve completed so far, but my doe is in kit and is due to have babies this week, so I’m super excited and about to tick off another thing!  The rest are a bit sad to tell you the truth, I did keep a diary, and still do, but I think I’ve written about 3 things in it, so it’s not classed as ‘very good’.  And the blanket’s almost done, I just need one more wool colour to do my fairies faces!

But, anyway, I did this run.  It took me only 47 minutes and 48 seconds!  I was so pleased, I got 1st in my age (14 and under), 5th in the women (and they were adults) and 12th overall, out of all the men and women! So, not boasting or anything or not that I’m meaning to, if I am, sorry.

A very excited, and happy…

white3 - Copy (4)

P.S. One of WordPress’ problems is that it doesn’t tell me about email followers, so now I officially have 100 followers!  So now I know that Hannah and Sinead are following me, if any of my other friends are, do tell me, because otherwise I have no idea.  Sorry!


10 thoughts on “Running”

  1. Loving the blog,
    The font you use is VERY SMALL, as a visually impaired
    reader it always helps when writers use larger, cleaner fonts
    especially for reading larger bodies of text. Keep up the
    great work. All the best from Sunny Miami. 🌞🌈⛱️

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