Next Post in Line…Gymnastics

Back again!

Right, the next post in my massive half-marathon (more about that tomorrow) of post is a gymnastics (or gym as I’ll refer to it as) post.  At school every year they hold a gym competition with the rest of the schools in the district, they enter a few teams in a few different categories and it’s meant to be heaps of fun.  I’m flexible and the girls at school are always freaked out that I can almost do the splits – although I did get to the ground yesterday, which was AMAZING – and they challenge me to do bridges I never thought possible, which don’t actually seem to hurt.  So when this came up they all went ‘Emily, you have to, have to, have to come and join, it’ll be so much fun!’  I put off joining for a few weeks but eventually gave in and joined (12-year-old girls who really want you in their gym team can be very persuasive!).  So we were training for 2 hours yesterday, one at lunch and one after school, and it was really good.  I can almost get my back walkover, which is so good, because I’ve been struggling with it and I need it.

So that’s my little gym post.  Tomorrow, hockey, we’re playing tonight, so wish me luck!




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