Guys, I’m BACK!!!!!!!!  Has it really been 17 days, Elizabeth?!  REALLY!  I’m sorry about that, so sorry.

I have so much to tell you.  About animals, running, hockey, books, poems…and so much more!  But for today I’ll do one of the animals, the most exciting one.  Enzo.  This is Enzo and Bambi this morning:


Enzo is the calf, Bambi is the mother licking her face.  And…they’re both mine!  Well, you met Bambi in my first post, but you’ve never, ever, ever met Enzo before, I can assure you of that.  That is because Enzo was born at 11:40 p.m. last night.  She’s not even a day old and you’ve already met her!  I’ve only been waiting for her birth since the bull was here about a year ago!  So you can imagine how excited I was last night when Mum said that Bambi was going to calve overnight, I was very excited.  And then Mum woke me up when she was born and I saw her all wet and slimy and yuck, but she was still adorable.

And now, the story behind the name “Enzo”.  With each of our calves we name them for how long we’ve been at Ra Puke and this is represented by the corresponding letter of the alphabet.  The first year we were here we had one calf called Arabella, the second Bambi, Brandy, Burger, Breeze, Bindi, Banjo, Bingo and BB (short for Black Betty), the third year, Clementine, Carl and Colin, last year there was just Dave because Poppy’s calf died and this year there’s Enzo and all the others that are to come.  Hope wasn’t named after a letter because we had to give her back.  So Enzo’s named Enzo because ‘E’ is the 5th letter in the alphabet and we’ve been at Ra Puke for 5 years now.  But if you’re wondering why the name Enzo, I read the book Racing in the Rain (which is the children’s version of The Art of Racing in the Rain)  and there was a dog named Enzo in there.  So Enzo’s named after that dog.

And so that’s all for today because I have to go to dinner before I get in trouble, and it’s Pad Thai, which I love.




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