Introducing…Frankie & Carmella!

My friends,


The above is a photo of three of our four budgies.  Yesterday morning (24 hours ago) we had just two, the one on the far left and one other one.  Now, I really don’t like budgies, they’re loud, make a massive mess and are just annoying, especially when they live in the dining room!  The budgie on the far left is Tara’s and he’s called Toby, the other one we have is Tinkerbell and she’s also Tara’s and blue!  I’ve got rabbits, Tara’s got budgies and Briar’s got fish and/or an alpaca, although she’s sort of Mum’s.

So back to introducing Frankie and Carmella.  We went to town yesterday for some end-of-the-holidays stuff and Mum and Dad took us to the pet shop to collect some more fish for Briar because most of hers had died :(.  The pet shop has the most massive collection of animals, everything from birds to fish to rabbits and everything in between!  So we went into this pet shop and I went to see the most adorable rabbit.  But everyone else went to the kittens which were, granted, adorable!  So blah, blah, blah, we saw these budgies there and really, they were really pretty.  They are the two others in the photo and as you can see, they are gorgeous, and that’s coming from someone who really dislikes budgies and birds!  So Dad decided that he was going to buy them and we came home with two budgies in a cardboard box and two fish in a plastic bag!

We debated about names in the car for the hour and a half journey home and still hadn’t come up with names when we got home before Dad said they were called Frankie (the budgie on the far right) and Carmella (in the middle) because the names were from a Bob Dylan song called ‘Joey’ and Joey is a very common budgie name apparently.  Don’t ask me!  This is the song:

So there’s the song for you all!


Do you like the budgies?  Do you like birds like I don’t?!  Which of the budgies is your favourite?  Do you like the names?




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