Happy! Happy! Happy!


Did you know that my ‘Until tomorrow!’ in that last post seems to have turned into an ‘Until three days away!’, have you noticed that, or is it just me?!  But oh well, who actually cares because I’m here and I’m here with a little surprise for you…




Without a drumroll (because Tara’s not on her drums right at this very instant) my surprise it…That I have another story extract for you!  I know, I know, I haven’t done one in absolutely ages, the last one I did was here, but I’ve got a good bit for you.  This extract’s a little bit of a chapter somewhere in the middle of Happy entitled ‘Major! Crisis!’.  It’s a bit of humour for a Wednesday, the whole story is humour though I suppose!  Enjoy!

Extract for Happy, chapter XII Major! Crisis!:

I sprinted to where Mum sat in the living room, working on her laptop.

“Mum,” I said, my voice panicky, “Major! Crisis!”

She looked up and rolled her eyes at me, “And this time it is…” she gestured for me to finish her sentence and I rushed to do so.

“There. Are. No. Chocolate. Chips. In. The. House!” I gasped, before continuing in a rush, “And I want to – need to – make chocolate chip cookies” Major Crisis number 2 is that we don’t have any! Any chocolate chip cookies that is! And I need to have chocolate chip cookies in this house, you know why? Because they’re just fabuliciously, deliciously amazing!”

Mum laughed at my aggravation, but really and truly, I was right, there were no chocolate chops to make chocolate chip cookies with and no chocolate chip cookies was just too much to bear for a poor helpless 13-year-old like me!

“Don’t laugh!” I said, but I was grinning myself, “It really is a major crisis, no choc-“

Mum decided to interrupt me now, “Alex, yes it is a crisis.  But I can solve it.  I know as a fact that there is a bar of chocolate in the cupboards, a knife in the rack and a chopping board behind the sink.  Just chop the bar of chocolate – not all of it granted – up and use that for your cookies instead of chocolate chips.  There, major crisis over!” she grinned at me.

I sighed hugely, “Mum.  You are the biggest chocolate chip cookie lifesaver ever!”

I sprinted back to the kitchen in search now of a bar of chocolate, eager to re-commence my quest to replenish the chocolate chip cookie outage in our house.  Major Crisis number 1 now!

So, there is ‘Major! Crisis!”s extract piece! I might will – will, definitely will – post more of Happy soon.


Did you enjoy my piece? Any recommendations? It’s not edited yet, but feel free to give me your recommendations! Did you enjoy the humour? Can you relate to Alex’s Major! Crisis!? Do you like the Major! Crisis!? What was your last Major! Crisis!? Mine was that I couldn’t find my best story writing pen, Major! Crisis!!

Bye for now,



5 thoughts on “Happy! Happy! Happy!”

  1. HAHA, that was very funny, loved it!
    I think my last Major! crisis! might have been when I couldn’t find the right size crochet hook or when I could only find 1 size 4 knitting needle when we had 4 of them in the house.
    But there’s probably been more! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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