My Crochet Projects

Hi peoples,

This was yesterdays ‘later’ post, but then I realised I hadn’t finished my projects and didn’t have pictures of the finished ones to put on here, so it’s today’s post because I’ve finished the projects.  Did that make sense, yes, I do believe it did.  So I’ve got the pictures now and these are my crochet projects that are mostly finished.

Finished Projects:

I haven’t got photos, but I promise they’ll be up tomorrow when I have, you’ll just have to imagine what the projects look like!  Makes it more fun that way.

Easter Bunny

I made this last week when I was sick as my craft.  It only took me about 4 days!  Yes, 4 days, I know, it was super silly, I probably could have and should have finished it in one, but it just took me ages because I worked on it on and off, but it was worth it as it is super adorable!  A super cute Easter craft for me to do.  And it used up the horrid wool I’ve been wanting to get rid of for ages.

Easter Eggs

These were just to put with my Easter Bunny (named Hop because it needed a name and the girls were upset because Hop wasn’t on, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about Hop the movie).  One of the eggs is tiny and the other one’s slightly bigger but they didn’t take long and used little scraps of wool up that I’d been wanting to get rid of for ages.

Little Dragon

This was yesterday’s project.  I saw a dragon in my Simply Crochet magazine and just knew that I had to make it.  So that’s what I did with the help of Google and a tutorial on it.  And now he’s sitting on my bed very happily.  The red wasn’t actually what colour he was, he was really green but I didn’t have any green, and then Mum came home and announced that she’d bought me 5 balls of wool, and one was green!  But he’s adorable in red and works perfectly on my black duvet.

Tissue Box Cosy Cake

This is something that’s taken me way too long, like Hop.  I began this tissue box cosy last week but then didn’t have any blue wool for the blueberries so had to get some, then the Warehouse didn’t have any for less than $20, which I was not prepared to pay, so Mum got me some yesterday.  It was very helpful and I finished it this morning.

Baby Baskets

And my last project, baby baskets, which are holding Easter eggs and hair ties at the moment, I’ve got to make more for my desk because they’re really useful.  The pink one it so much smaller than the blue one, so it’s an extra-baby basket!

Those are all the finished projects!  Now for the:

Almost Finished Projects:

Diamond Blanket

Anyhow, I found a pattern for diamonds in my Simply Crochet magazine and I just had to try it out, I’m using all the little scraps of wool to make the diamonds and then I’ll sew them all together and have a rainbow coloured diamond blanket!  I think it’ll be very good and so keep a watch for it on here.  I will put it on.

Name Pillows

These are my second and last projects.  Yes, projects.  I’m making crocheted name pillows, they look awesome in the pictures and so I need to make them.  I’ve almost finished the ‘E’ and then I’ll do the ‘L’ and ‘I’ because I’m leaving the hardest (the ‘Y’ and ‘M’) ’til last because they’re the hardest!  I think they’ll look cool in the end though, so they’ll be worth the work.

And those are all the projects I’m working on right now!  I did try about another 10 things, but they all failed and it was very sad.  I tried to make socks twice, a few different baskets and a couple of other little toys, but all of them failed and it was quite sad :(.  But oh well!


Do you like my little projects?  Which is your favourite?  Can you crochet?  If so, what are you making at the moment?  (Elizabeth, that was directed at you mainly!)  Do you have any ideas for what I should make next?  I’ve run out of ideas now!

Bye bye,


This is Easter-y, since it was Easter the other day. just so you know!


13 thoughts on “My Crochet Projects”

  1. HI
    Wow they sound really awesome Emily!
    I can’t wait for you to put photos on!
    I tried to make double pointed needles out of skewers so I could knit easter eggs but instead the skewers didn’t want to be my friend and gave me a big splinter! I gave up after that.
    Do you think that when you put the photos on you could put the patterns on too 😛 .
    I will try to remeber to put a photo on of my crochet fox blanket.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes random blankets are a good boredom buster and very easy to make!
        Thanks, I’ve got lots of ideas of what I’m going to put in the baskets already.

        Liked by 1 person

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