My Favourite Foods Part 2

Part 2!  Stupid photos won’t align!

My Favourite Foods


I. Love. Croissants.  It is official that they are just so good.  They’re a happy, treat food for me.  Just so delicious!  And that’s all I have to say about them before I explode from happiness!



Plain yoghurt is so good.  Did you know that?  I have it for afternoon tea everyday with crushed weetbix.  It’s super good.  I love that it’s not flavoured and tastes so good as it is.


Scones are another of those delicious snacks like croissants.  They’re so good and so easy to make.  They’re just yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!  Agree with me here!  Agree with me!  Please…you just have to say that scones are so good, especially hot with butter.  No jam, no cream, that ruins them!


falafelFalafel in Pitas

These are so good for dinner.  And lunch.  I love them, especially with salad and tzatziki dressing.  Mmmmm, how good?!  You should try it if you haven’t yet, it really is delicious!


Cheese is good.  Very good.  My favourite cheeses are, hmm, maybe mozzarella, halloumi and feta, yes, those are my favourite cheeses.  So delicious, especially the mozzarella!


Do you just love my second batch of favourite foods?  Have you tried them?  What’s your favourite food?  What’s your favourite cheese?  Cheese.  Cheese.  Yeah, I’m going on!

Bye bye bye,

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9 thoughts on “My Favourite Foods Part 2”

  1. YUM!!!! I love croissants, its very rare that I get them though 😦 .
    I have yoghurt on my (gluten free) weet-bix every morning for breakfast, mmm.

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