My Poem

Long time, no poem!  So today is poem day!  Here is a poem from ages ago, hope you like it.

The Unnamed Warrior                                                                                            5/1/17

A battle like no other,

Millions slayed.

In the battle of death,

The most dangerous battle ever fought.

Careful precision saved lives,

Yet idiocy claimed them.

In the middle of nowhere,

No one was safe.

An unnamed warrior,

One of many,

Is laid to rest.

His last resting place,

In the middle of nowhere.

He will be remembered,

Even without a name.

He is one of many, many unnamed warriors,

Laid to rest forever.


Do you like my poem?  How does it make you feel?  Do you like poems?  Are you writing any poems at the moment?  Do you write poems?

Poem over and out!



4 thoughts on “My Poem”

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