Can the Weather Please Make Up Its Mind?!

Hi folkies,

The weather, the weather.  At this point outside it is cold, wet and just miserable.  Yesterday it was cold, wet and just miserable.  A couple of days ago, on Sunday, it was hot, dry and just lovely.  On Saturday it was hot, dry and just lovely!  It is stupid.  The weather is crazy.  Can it not just make up its mind as to whether it will be sunny or be rainy because it’s crazy!  I wish it was just mild and dry, because being too hot is yuck and being too cold is yuck too!  What is up with the weather and all it’s thought processes?!  Who controls the weather?!  I wish there was just a personal weather thing that meant that we all got the weather we wanted when we wanted it.  Personally I would have the weather mild at all times because being too hot is horrible to run in and just do stuff in and being cold is just horrible for everything because you can never get the right body temperature and your feet are always cold!  It’s complicated and blinking annoying!  I liked the weather over the weekend, and then this horrid wet thing came across and it’s been raining and dreary ever since, and I want to get outside.  Apparently it’s going to be like this all week and as much as I want to finish my book I don’t want to be stuck inside for the rest of the week!

And that’s my weekly rant!  All done for now, that’s the rant for the week, tune in about this time next week for the next one on something in my life that I dislike!


What’s the weather like where you are?  Did you like my little rant?  If you could have personalised weather what would it be like?  What can I do for the week when it’s raining and miserable?  HELP ME OUT!!!!!  Who controls the weather, do you have any clue whatsoever?

Rant officially over now!



6 thoughts on “Can the Weather Please Make Up Its Mind?!”

  1. Nice rant! 🙂
    I wish the weather would make up its mind!
    At the moment our creek is flooded. Do you know what would be funny? If the creek went back to normal tomorrow, typical.
    I agree, I would like the weather to be mild at most times, that would be awesome!
    I wish I knew who controlled the weather, then I would give them a piece of my mind!
    I need some rainy day inspiration too! I try to read my books because no matter how many library books i take back, even more appear as if by magic! Crafts are always fun. I get very bored after school. And most of my chores are outside, in the rain and cold.

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