Radios.  A weird title, I know, but all will be explained very soon!  Now, we were in the car this afternoon, coming back from school, when the radio began static-ing, Dad said that it was annoying because the part of the programme that was on was one of his favourites.  At this point Tara piped up that it would be good if radios had a pause button which got me thinking about what radios should probably have to help you with things.  I’ve created a list (of four things!) for you to look at. Please tell me if you think anything should be added!  Here’s the list:

  • Pause/Play Buttons

Yes, so you can stop the radio when it begins to get all static-y and then play it again when you’re past the static-y area.  That would be brilliant, don’t you think?  I do, because static is soooooooo annoying when you really love a song or a topic and then it gets all static-y and the rest of the topic or song is drowned out.  It should also change to the same station in a different province without you having to manually change it because that’s super annoying too.

  • Re-wind Buttons

For the exact same reason as above, so that when it gets all static-y you can go back if you forget to pause it.  And if you tune into a conversation late you can go back and listen to the rest of it.  The same with songs, you should be able to go back and listen to your favourite songs again, or show people songs that you enjoy without having to wait for it to come back on in another 3 hours or however long.  That just really annoys me, because unless you have a phone with Spotify or whatever on it then you have to wait and wait and wait for the song again!

  • A Keyboard

Don’t you think that would be brilliant?!  You could type in the radio station name or what do you call it number and then it would take you straight to the station without having to spend ages going through very annoying concert stations or whatever, and then waiting around for ages for the song or ads to end and the stations name to come on.  I’m really, really impatient when it comes to that happening, it just gets really annoying!

  • More Stations

And lastly, radios should have more channels.  My radio in my room has 1, which is soooooooo annoying because it means that you have to change the whole tuner thing when you want a new station and then you can’t find the right station and it gets all static-y, which is just very annoying.  You know what I’m saying here?  Radios need more channels, or mine does at least!

And there was my list.  Does it need anything else on it?  Don’t hesitate to add what you think in the comments!  I love comments!  Have I said that before?  I think so.

It’s the weekend!  Finally!  This week has been so long and I haven’t had enough time to do anything at all.  I’m going to post both days of the weekend and do so many of the things I’ve been meaning to do all week over it, so look forward to that!


What else do you think radios should have?  Do you have any problems that I have with radio tuning and stuff?  Do you like what I think radios need?  Did you like this post?  Are you happy it’s finally the weekend?  What are you doing over the weekend?

Bysybye bye bye!



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