My Favourite Foods Part 1

I am a bad blogger.  Sorry.

This is part one due to lack of computer time, part two is soon.

May Everly (do follow that link) gave me this wonderful idea the other day in this post and I just had to borrow her idea (she said I could if I gave a link to her post, which I just have).

My Ultimate Favourite Foods!

Salads/Vegetables with Dips

saladI love fresh vegetables with dip.  Mum’s green goddess dip is just the best with raw vegetables.  And salads are brilliant too, all sorts.  My favourite is probably my Greek Couscous Salad, now that’s super good and I really will put on it’s recipe some day.  I love salads for lunch, or just fresh vegetables.  Celery and carrots have to be my favourites.


Asian Food

riceDo bear in mind that this is in no order whatsoever.  I love Asian food.  It’s so good, all of it.  My favourite dishes are probably:

Pad Thai

Caramelised Sticky Pork and Sticky Rice

Pork Wontons

And…Sushi.  So good!  So many flavours that all work so nicely together.

Indian Food

indianI love love love love love Indian food.  Mum is making a curry for dinner and I really can’t wait, it’s one of my favourites too!  I love the flavour combinations in curries and the spices.  Just – yum!  And rice and naan breads……

Rice Pudding

rice puddingRice pudding is just my happy place.  Unsweetened rice pudding that is, with rice, milk, sultanas and vanilla essence.  It’s so nice, my favourite pudding ever!  It is really filling too.  And with sultanas in it’s even better, they just add that juicy texture to it that makes it even better than it really is!  Oh yeah, and it’s super easy to make.


fruitAnd lastly for today, fruit.  I love fruit, fresh and dried.  Bananas are just so good, lemons, raisins, apples and so many others are sooooooo good.  I love fresh exotic fruit and dried fruits mixed with yoghurt.  Fruit is just so good, you know?

And those are some of my favourite foods!  Stay tuned for the next half of them sometime soon.


What’s your favourite food?  Do you like any of mine?  Am I really a bad blogger?  Yes I am. Do you like food related posts?   Have you actually eaten any of my favourite foods?

I really will post tomorrow.  Really.



P.S. Do candy canes count as fruit?!



7 thoughts on “My Favourite Foods Part 1”

  1. You are not a bad blogger at all Emily!
    I am making rice pudding for my lunch today but i think it might be a fail, I’ve never made it before and I’ve only tried it once and I liked it.
    I really like butter chicken curry, it is the best!
    Yes candy canes count as a fruit

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