Random post


WordPress has decided that it’s changing its post draft format and it’s horrible!  I’m super annoyed with it because it is very confusing and I dislike it.  All the post settings are on the right instead of the left and…and…well, it’s just plain annoying.

Yeah, that’s enough ranting about WordPress for now, I’ll rant more tomorrow!  I really want to rant about the weather but I won’t because weather rants are just boring.  What I will say is that it’s wet and yuck.

I’ve been meaning to ask you all what sorts of posts you’d like me to do for you.  I really would like some ideas and stuff because at the moment I can’t think of anything but quotes and book reviews to put on here because my brain is just out of it.  I think that this has something to do with school and so I’m sorry.  So, what do you want to hear about on here?  What sort of posts do you think would be good for me to do?

I’m going to do a post tomorrow I think about the three things that I’ve finished recently which should be good.  I just don’t want to be bragging about all that I’m doing because then that would maybe not make you like me anymore.  Would it or can I brag…just a little bit?


Was this a really weird post?  I have a feeling it was.  Is the weather yuck where you are?  Can I brag a little about finally finishing things?  What sorts of posts should I do?  PLEASE HELP ME GET A LITTLE INSPIRATION!

Bye for today,


P.S. There are heaps of tags on this post for some reason!


5 thoughts on “Random post”

  1. OMG YES IT IS SO ANNOYING FOR THE POST DRAFTS Luckily, I have tabs open from the old draft format, so as long as I don’t ex then out, all the post settings are on the left. 😉

    Hmm, just post something you would want to read. It’s not the best advice, but you should always have content that you would like to read. 🙂

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