Yes.  Triathlon.  One word sentences.  They’re going to stop now.

There was the school triathlon today.  It was at school (obviously) and really, it was fun.  I am very proud of myself because in the run I beat the girl who had never, ever, ever been beaten in a running race.  That’s why I run twice daily.  She was a really good sportsman about it, but she beat me anyway in the rest.  I seem to have had a week of difficulties because I managed to muck up the bike ride.  Instead of doing 3 laps of the bike I managed to do 4, meaning that I did heaps more that the rest of the girls (and boys for that matter) in my age category/race.  The problem was that the teacher in charge confused me and I didn’t get that the half a lap that we did first counted as a whole lap, I did three whole laps and that was one full one longer than the rest of the people.  But, oh well.  I’ve sort of had a week of mishaps.  But so many of the girls were so nice to me about it and the teacher in charge said that she’d move me up so that my placing was where it should have been.

I’m happy with what I did though, so I don’t care about doing a lap more.  I’m even more pleased with myself for winning the run and keeping up with the two fastest boys in the school. I overtook one of them but then he sprinted and ended up in the same place as me.  I loved how so many people were so supportive and kind to me.


Have you had a week of failures?  Have you ever failed in a triathlon sort of thing?  I can’t think of any more questions!



P.S. I’m not going on the school tramp, they cancelled it.


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