Run Away

Hi guys,

I’m sorry I’ve been a bit post lacking recently.  I’ve missed you all.  To tell you the truth, I have been here, just without post ideas, so I am sorry.  I finally decided to post a poem that I think you’ll all like.  It’s called Run Away.  This is it, I hope you like it:

Run Away                                                                                                                  8/1/17


Run away,

Far, far away.

How far would I get,

If I ran away,

Far, far away.

A long way,

A long way I could run.

Run away,

Run, run away.

Far, far away,

Far away I would run. I would go on,

Go on forever.

Forever I would go on,

Forever I would run.


Run away.

It  was written a while ago, but I decided that it needed posting.  It was written when I was angry and felt like running.  I knew that I couldn’t run away though, the people in my life mean too much to me for that!

I won’t be posting too much this week because my aunt (shout out to Aunty Judith!) and uncle are coming to stay, I’ve got the school triathlon and I’m going on a 3 day tramp with school.  I’ll post a quote tomorrow though, just so you don’t miss me too much!


Do you like the poem?  Do you ever feel like running away?  Have you ever run away?  Do you feel like your family mean too much to you to run away?

I promise I won’t run away anytime soon!



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