The Best Book In the History of Best Books

Heya guys!

Well, maybe not (the title, not the ‘heya guys!’).  But I have just discovered my favourite book EVER!!!!!  The ‘ever’ required everything I could give it, colour change, italics, bolding, capitalising, underlining, the whole lot!  Anyhow, it’s called The Recruit and it’s by Robert Muchamore.  I love love love love love it!  Here’s my informal, impromptu book review:

Title: CHERUB The Recruit

Author: Robert Muchamore

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

Genre: Mystery/Adventure/Spy

Pages: 342

Rating: 10/10 (obviously!)

Age: 12+

I got told that I had to read this book by a few girls at school and I was unsure about how much I’d like it.  I needn’t have worried because it was utterly brilliant and so much fun to read.

The book is about a boy named James Adams who lives in London.  He never met his Dad but lives with his Mum and step-sister Lauren. He’s always getting into fights at school though and it’s at a point like this that we first meet him.  He seriously injures a girl in his class before running home where his Mum and ex-step-father Ron are drinking and lying around.  His Mum is drunk already and sends him to pick up Lauren and when he gets back, Ron’s gone and his mother is dead.  From here the siblings are sent to a ‘children’s home’ but Lauren is soon taken by Ron.

James spends a little while at the home before being taken to a secret spy camp-thing called CHERUB.  Here he is posed the question of whether or not he would like to be a secret spy agent-thing.

I am no good whatsoever at explaining this book so what I’ll say is:


Yesssssssssss, my favourite part would have to have been when Lauren jumped on the ……. decided not to tell you.  Nah, actually, when Lauren jumped on the hospital bed.  That’s all I’m saying.

Now ratings.  It’s super good and so 10/10 for The Recruit.  Also, if it had a movie rating it would be PG for high-level violence and coarse language.  There’s not much coarse language in it though.  Just, maybe it’s a book for people over the age of 12 because it is a Young Adult’s book really.

There is my super-informal review of THE BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!!


Have you read the best book ever?  What did you think of it?  What’s your ‘Best Book Ever’ book?  Are you going to read this book now?  Have you ever not thought a book would be as good as it is?

Okay, stopping the randomness attack because I’m so excited!

Until we meet again,


P.S. Please can someone remind me to put Malaysia on my map?  Shout out to my Malaysian viewer!  Hiya!  🙂


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