52 Followers and Hockey!

Hi guys, how are we all?  I’m good at least.  I’m even better now that I’ve realised I have 52 followers!!!!!  I was so excited, can you tell I’m excited?! 52 followers!  Thank you so much guys!  Yesterday I had a tally of 50 so it’s gone up two today!


I’m even more excited because the hockey season starts soon!  Granted, it starts in May, but I’m excited because hockey is the most brilliant sport ever.  Do you know what I mean?  Dad’s letting me play full turf, 11-a-side this year which is even better and I’m beginning my training now.  I’m running twice daily (I love running) and am going to start bashing a ball into a wall which’ll be fun.  I’m playing with people who I’ve probably never met, but that’ll be good, I enjoy meeting new people and hockey.

I just worked out that the book review I did the other day has been done twice!  Sorry!


Are you one of my followers?  Do you love hockey as much as me?  What sports do you play?



17 thoughts on “52 Followers and Hockey!”

  1. I am a follower!
    I play hockey, soccer, I played netball and miniball, and I used to do athelitics.
    Well done on getting 52 followers!
    Are you going to play hockey in Dannevirke?

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