My Stories That I Need to Finish!

Hi peoples,

I have got to do this post because it is too hot to be outside right now and not burn to a crisp and we don’t want dead Emily, cause, well, no blog :(.  Well, as you know I have about 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 (continue the 9 for 17 years and end with a 13 please!) story ideas/stories on the go so I decided to share their titles and a bit about them for you.  I promise that I will only do 7 though, no, 6.

Here you are.

Hallucination.  There’s an extract from this here and then you can read the bit below.

The main character is Ximena Alexendria a snarky 13-year-old who I’m writing more about in the story mentioned below.  She’s a witch who is under threat from a woman who wants something that she’s got.  If she doesn’t stop the woman – Isopel  Heath – then the world will be collapsed by Isopel and her team of minions.  It’s exciting and going okayly so far.

The Time has Come

Again, about Ximena from above.  She’s a year younger at the time and is learning at the witchcraft academy who’s name I forget.  She needs to aim high to get through the year and it’s not half as exciting as the above, but tells me about Ximena when I forget.  I need to work on it.


I like this story.  It’s about a girl named Alex King Kemplin.  I have too many Alex’s in my stories, their names might change.  Anyhow, Alex meets an angry boy named Leo on the bus and helps him change his attitude.  I need to change the ending though, it’s too happy and sappy.  Alex has made her own life happy and aims to make Leo’s the same.


My flybody story.  I have to do something on my darlings soon, they’re wonderful characters.  There are five of them, all girls, ranging from the age of 17 to 21 and they’re all flybodys – girls who can fly.  They are all on the run or something along the same lines.  The story’s told from all of their different perspectives but they never once meet up.  It’s interesting.

Cleoseah.  This was originally called Genies and the main story it’s based on is here.

I wrote the short story and am now adapting it into a long one, it’s going very well and is easy work.

Winter Forest

This is again a short story that I wrote ages ago and it is horrible.  It’s good to adapt it and make it horror-ish.  I like adapting stories.

That’s all for now.  Soon I’ll do the other 7 I’ve got, but not now.  These are the 6 I’m focusing on at the moment.


Do you like the stories?  The titles?  The ideas?  Did you like this post?





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