Cooking Failures

Hola mi leales seguidores,

I’m an early riser, I get up, run and then make breakfast.  But making breakfast can fail, it did yesterday morning, this is the recipe (I made it up) to what I was making:

Banana, chai seed and lemon porridge


  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 1 tsp chai seeds
  • Small handful sultanas
  • 1 small banana or 1/2 a big one
  • 1 lemon
  • Brown sugar (optional, for serving)


  • Cut the banana into slices and put into a bowl.  Squeeze the lemon over the top of it.  Set aside.
  • Put the sultanas, oats, milk and water into a small pan.  Put on a high heat and stir until all the liquid has gone and the sultanas are plump.
  • Pour the porridge into the bowl with banana and lemon, mix together, top with brown sugar if you want and serve.

Easy recipe, right (you should try it)?  Well, you can guess what I did wrong, can’t you?  I accidentally put a little lemon juice in the cooking porridge!  Yes, you guessed right, I managed to curdle my breakfast!  The pigs were happy, but I wasn’t because then I had to re-make it, :(.  But yeah, cooking fails happen when you cook as much as I do, and when you make the same sort of thing everyday, one time it’s bound to go horribly wrong!

Do you like my new blog design?  I decided that it was time for a new one!  Flick through all the pages too, they get better!


Have you had any cooking failure?  If so, what were they?  Do you like cooking?  Do you like my recipe posts?  Do you like the new design?  Tell me.

Hasta otro momento,


P.S. I will make a cooking name badge!

P.P.S. Rutvi, what did the openings and closings of the post say?  I know you know some Spanish!

They actually said: ‘Hello my loyal followers’ and ‘Until another time’.


3 thoughts on “Cooking Failures”

  1. Hi Emily,
    I LOVE baking and cooking!
    I fail bad with brownie! I know right its very simple and some times I fail badly!
    The first time I made brownie I put a Tablespoon of baking powder instead of a teaspoon of baking powder and ended up with a bubbly mess! And don’t get me started on my lemon brownie fail!
    The new changes are very different i like it but its a little hard to find my way around your blog, to be honest with you I prefer the other way you had your blog, sorry.

    Liked by 1 person

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