Today’s Real Post

The post published this morning was a teensy bit late, it was meant to be posted last night, but, oh well!

Well, the real post is about the Weetbix Kids Tryathlon (yes, that is spelt right) that I participated in yesterday.  It was heaps of fun.  There will be photos up as soon as I get them, but for now you’ll just have to go along with my written description:

We went to the Tryathlon Urgh, I am not starting like that.  Second try.

Yesterday I yanked myself out of bed at my usual time, which is, in case you were curious, 5:15 a.m..  Yes, I know, it’s very early, but I can’t help it, my alarm clock is set for 6:00 a.m.!  Well, I sat about crocheting and cross-stitching and drawing and reading until 6:15 a.m., so for an hour, and then I got up and began making breakfast and generally getting myself ready.  We then packed the car after we’d (Dad, Tara and I) had breakfast and left at 6:53 a.m.  The drive into Hastings was just over an hour and we arrived at the park at just after 8 a.m.  Then there was the getting everything out of the car and, urgh, that took a while.  We had to take all our gear and bikes to the transition area (where you go after the swim) before getting more breakfast.  It was a horrible wait until 11:15 when Tara was swimming.  Blah, blah, blah, you don’t want to hear all that, I’ll skip ahead to my race.

Got into the pool (which was actually pretty warm) when I was called and waited for the go-ahead to begin.  When the marshal told us to go we all set off like good little children (it’s very organised).  I managed to get myself kicked in the face twice over a distance of 200m, but that aside, the swim was pretty good.  Due to my bee-sting allergy I had to put shoes on before I ran across the grass to transition, so I did that and sprinted about 100m to the transition area where I pulled on a t-shirt, a helmet and grabbed my bike.  I was meant to be wearing shorts but I couldn’t pull them on over my shoes and now I have a sore rub on the inside of my thigh :(.  The bike was not my favourite part, I’m just not a biker, so I forced myself over the 8kms and was very happy to get off and begin the run.  It may shock and surprise you that the run was my favourite part of the whole thing, but it was.  I love running and the 1.5km run on the flat was simple.  The run was the only thing that I had actually trained for so it was extra easy.  But it wasn’t for some, I saw someone on their cellphone (who takes a cellphone on a triathlon?!) calling their Mum and saying they couldn’t do it any longer, but I’m not going to laugh, I get that not all people love running as much as I do.  The sprint to the end was definitely my favourite part, there was so much adrenaline pumping around my body that it was easy, I could have done it again, I was that hyped up, and I hadn’t even eaten any chocolate or anything like that!  Then we got medals and mine was presented to me by Kayla Whitelock who was the Blacksticks women’s hockey team captain.  I also got a hi-five from Irene van Dyk (if you haven’t heard of her, then LOOK HER UP, YOU SHOULD HAVE!).

The end.

Did you hear that they’re thinking of closing the Cadbury Chocolate factory in Dunedin here in NZ!  It’s-it’s just horrible, they’re closing a chocolate factory!  I’m going to cry, I do believe!  It’s tragic!  And the loss of jobs, they’re both atrocious things!

SAD, SAD, SAD.  :(, :(, :(.

Do you like triathlons?  Have you done any?  Do you enjoy running like me?  Speak out, I like meeting runners, it makes me feel less weird about my daily running routine (I will do that soon.)

See you for the second time,



12 thoughts on “Today’s Real Post”

  1. I know its so sad about the chocolate factory. Even though were not aloud to eat cadbury because it has palm oil and we’re palm oil free, but still all of those jobs lost, very sad 😦 . did you come a placing in the tryathalon (probably not spelt right) ? Cool you got to meet Kayla Whitelock and Irene Van Dyk!

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    1. Does it have palm oil?! I’m never eating it again! But the loss of jobs is so sad, Oh yeah, the tryathlon didn’t have placings, I should have put that, it was all about participation.


      1. Yea, it has palm oil, it is so annoying but it’s only the soft center ones have it, but yet they might be lying!
        The company they buy thier oil from has been telling cadbury that it is sustainable palm oil but theres been a massive rumour going round and they managed to find out that the company has been lying! Which is sad 😦 . I really fell sorry for all of those workers though its very sad! 😦 😦 😦

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