Guys, guess what?  I’m back!  Yeah, Captain Obvious much!  Well, I’m back from camp which was very cool and I’m going to do the post that you’ve all been waiting for – my Q&A.  I’ve only got 7 questions, but oh well, they’ll be answered longly (in long paragraphs for those of you in the dark by the word longly)!

Here it is:

Arunima‘s Questions

What inspired you to start blogging?

I started blogging because Dad wanted a record of my home schooling.  As you can guess it spiralled and it’s a digital, published diary now that’s not got much private stuff in it.  I think that that’s all really, I’m slightly obsessed with blogging now!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’d really like to be an actress and an author.  Yeah, that’d be good, a famous stage and film actress and an author of everything!  I’d also like to work behind the scenes of movies as well as on the screen.  If not them, then maybe a bakery owner or a fashion designer or a behind-the-scenes-of-movies worker.  I don’t know!

What is your favourite colour?

Um…..tricky one…..dark red.  I like the colour and a lot of people would say that it suits my personality (if they know me well enough!).  I like most colours though, just not the greyish greens and blues, yuck!  Or super pale colours like baby blue and baby pink, oh and lime green.

Are you an Introvert or extrovert?

It depends really.  I like to be the centre of attention around people I know but can also be Introvert, I’m not sure, I’d say that I’m extrovert quite a lot.  So if I had to make a decision I’d say I’m somewhere in the middle, on the tipping point of extrovert, I was confident about going to school in a class of people I didn’t know and so am just over the edge of extrovert, maybe.

What is your most prized possession?

Hmm, maybe my photo album.  No, the tiny box that hold the last 4 hairs that I found of Ginge’s.  Yeah, that’d be it, they sit on my bookshelf and not many people could find them if they looked.  Actually no, both.  I also quite like the dictionary that Mum brought home from Auckland over the weekend, it was my great-great-grandfathers and is very old.  But no, I’ll stick with my original decision, I can take them everywhere, imagine lugging a massive dictionary everywhere!

Samantha‘s questions:

Who is your favorite author?

Another very tricky one.  This one’s trickier than the last one!  I’m going to make some sad people now, and I blame you!  No, truly, I don’t.

It depends on the genre I s’pose.  I like Rick Riordan, James Patterson and J.K. Rowling for fantasy, have you tried them?  I like them.  Jonathan Shroud (I really hope I got that right!)for horror, or super-duper scary books, brilliant, but don’t enter a new chapter when you’re lying in bed at 9:00 p.m.!  Lauren Child for mystery and super-cute children’s books.  A.K.A. Ruby Redfort and Charlie and Lola.  And Jackie French for real-life experiences, re-writes of Shakespeare and moving novels, she’s Australian and so a lot of the books are based in Australia.  I’d say that at the moment though, my favourite book is Walk in My Shoes by Alwyn Evans, so it’d probably be Alwyn Evans.  Or one of the above stated.  I’d definitely recommend Walk in My Shoes for all 12+ people, or maybe 11+?!

Did you ever like dolls?

Yes.  I really liked them as a younger child.  The very annoyings have got all my dolls now, but yes, I did like dolls…..once upon a time!  Just takes a journey down memory lane!

Hope you liked it, if you want to send me more questions I’ll happily answer them in comments.

See you all,


P.S. I’ve been getting really distracted by new notifications, I wish WordPress would just put them all in the Stats page!  Thank you all though, I love love love love love new comments, don’t worry about me, it’s my fault for commenting on so many blogs!


9 thoughts on “Q&A”

  1. I love Q&As so much, they’re just so fun to read! I love all Rick Riordan and of course, of course J.K.Rowling too! But recently I quite enjoyed reading Rainbow Rowell! (all those Rs in the names! 🙂 )
    love, elena


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