Weirdness? Weirdism? Weirdity?

I really like this title, I have no idea why, it’s just really cool.  Alright, alright, I’ll get onto topic.

My friend Hannah and I were wandering about at school on Friday and we somehow got into a conversation about weirdness – or is it weirdism? or weirdity? I like weirdity, it’s weirdity.  We (Hannah and I) wondered what ‘weird’ was.   I mean, the dictionary’s definition of ‘weird’ is: ‘involving or suggesting the supernatural; unearthly or uncanny’, but that helps me almost zilch.  Who really is a weird person though?  Is anyone really ‘weird’?  Hannah pointed out that everyone was ‘weird’ because everyone’s definition of ‘weird’ is different.  But some people (like me) are really weird.  And then some people are just averagely ‘weird’ and they find other people who are just averagely ‘weird’ like themselves, and they say that they are ‘normal’.  But no one is really ‘normal’, right?  I mean, I class myself as ‘weird’ because I like things like cold showers and that I write this sort of stuff, but, if I found people who were as weird, or maybe weirder, than me, then maybe I’d call myself ‘normal’.  But if you class yourself as ‘normal’ then maybe that makes you even weirder than the people who class themselves as ‘weird’.  Weirdity is a very strange subject indeed.  Oh yeah, I’d really recommend John Boyne’s The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brockett for as family that class themselves as ‘normal’ but their trying to be ‘normal’ makes them even weirder than the people that they classed as ‘weird’. 

I’m confusing even myself now, so I’d better stop before I blow my head up with confusing ideas!  Do’ya know what I mean though?  About how no one is really ‘normal’?  That everyone is ‘weird’ is some one (or maybe more) way?  Do’ya get that?

Yeah, better go – I’m even more confused now, and if I continue no one’ll inderstand what I’m telling you.

Yeah, yeah,


P.S. For more weirdity, look here, at the bottom, the 55 pictures of weird animals interrupting sports games: http://www.msn.com/en-nz/sport/cricket/l-bee-w-insects-halt-south-africa-v-sri-lanka/ar-AAmC5FT?li=BBv6TfA&ocid=spartanntp#image=AA8Qqdq|55


4 thoughts on “Weirdness? Weirdism? Weirdity?”

  1. Oh. My. Gods. You and your friend have the greatest thoughts. My life has improved just seeing this. And aren’t cold showers just the best? But seriously (wow, there’s something I never thought I’d say) what is the true meaning of weird? I feel like there should be a society of theorists attempting to dissect weird.

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