Lots of Things

Hiya guys.

I’ve just realised that I’ve never actually started a post off normally, as in by saying ‘hi’ or ‘hiya’ or something like that.  How bizarre is that?!  The week has almost finished!  I’ve almost been at school for a week!  I’ve not got much to say about school, and I’ve got a post idea for tomorrow, so I’m not going to do a recap of my week.  I’m going to do a post about stuff.  Things.  Randomness.

Yeah, stuff. I like that.

My first calf, Bambi, is just about to calve!  I’m excited!  Super excited!  I’m going to begin a science fair project on the quality of her milk, which should be fun.  I’m going to see how the milk changes as the season progresses/her calf gets older.  We’re going to take the calf off her and milk her, but I get naming rights and ownership of the calf!  That means that when I sell it, I get the money, well, most of it, I have to give Mum and Dad a portion of it.

School’s almost finished for the week, as I told you before, and Monday is Waitangi Day!  A day off!  On Tuesday and Wednesday my class is going to camp, so you CANNOT expect me to post on those days.  Then the NEXT week on the 15th I have the Weetbix Triathlon which I’m looking forward to and on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday (17, 18, 19) the year 8s (form 2s) have got a tramp, you can’t expect me to post then either!  I’ve got a very busy next couple of weeks, so I’ll apologise if there is a lack in posts.

And lastly, how are you all?  I’ve got to ask you what sorts of posts you’d like me to do.  I really would like it if you gave me some ideas.  And…questions.  I won’t go on and on and on if you give me some questions!  And yes, my new readers, you’ve been excused for the past days, but now you an ask me some questions about myself (here for details).

See ya all,


Change of picture, I prefer this one.




Please comment, I love recieving comments. Just say nice things, bad things make me sad and you don't want a sad blogger.

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