I’ve been writing bits and pieces from one of my 300,000 stories (maybe an exaggeration, only maybe though!) recently and decided to post a bit that’ll be in the middle of the story.  By the way, the story’s name is Hallucination.  This is what I wrote of it last night:

Ximena was hyperventilating, her breath was coming out rapid, ragged and raspy breaths.  Her heart was beating quicker and quicker.  She sprinted as fast as she could, her agile feet hitting the ground every few moments.  Her lungs were burning and her calves were aching.  The fire in the woods was getting closer. Ximena could hear it’s crackling and feel it’s heat upon her skin, it was much too close for comfort.  She paused for a second, knowing just how much danger she was putting herself in stopping, and groped in her pockets for her wand.  Her hands were shaking and she was unable to find it, instead resuming running.  The rest of the group was in front of her.  As the leader it had been her duty to stay back, trying her best to put the fire out while the others continued onwards, away from the fire.  She had, however, been unable to extinguish the fire, instead following the others.  Now she did a hasty headcount, making sure all the group was there.  Her eyes widened at her total and Ximena counted again, making sure her figures were correct.  Yes, the figures were right, there were only 11 people in front of her, 12 if she included herself in her tally.  One of the group was missing, probably behind them.

“Guys!” she choked out, the roaring wind snatching at her voice, already broken.  She hoped the others heard her, “Guys, hold up!”

The others obviously heard her words for they all stopped, turning toward her.  When she caught up, they all stared at her.  The worried expressions on their faces all asked the same silent question: What the heck is going on, what’s wrong?

Ximena caught her breath, “Guys, someone’s-someone’s missing.”  There were collective gasps as she continued, “I need to know who it is, I need to find them.”  She looked around, trying to work out who it was, then she gasped, her hand rushing to her mouth, “Oh, no, oh, no, don’t let it be…”

“Be what, who?” Vicki asked.

“It’s Alex, it has to be, everyone else is here.  I’m going to find him.”

Ignoring the others protests, Ximena took off in the opposite direction, towards the place where she had last seen her best friend, towards the raging, roaring, crackling fire in the woods…(To be continued)

I really hope you like it, I didn’t think that I’d add anymore because otherwise that’ll ruin it when I give you the rest…and I like cliff-hangers!

Please give me your thoughts, also, I said I had a few questions, but 7 isn’t really enough to do a good ‘Q&A’ with!

Hasta mañana (until tomorrow, Spanish)



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