As I told you today, we all started at school for the year today.  You’ll probably be wanting photos and so this is all of us this morning:

Us all this morning.

Briar is looking super cute here, in real life she did too.  It was fun at school (something I never thought I’d say!), we got straight into schoolwork which I’ve never done before.  It was very good.  We did maths and writing which I enjoyed both of and also some just introducing to the class.  I’ll put on my stories when I’ve written them, I’m also going to post a poem today, it’s the-day-before-yesterday’s:

Memory Lane                                                                                                           28/1/17

Let’s take a stroll,

Down memory lane.

Let’s wander around,

Taking in old times.

We shall walk,

Without a care in the world.

We shall remember,

Things from long ago.

All things,

Both good,

And bad.

We’ll have fun,

Remembering the good times,

And the bad.

As we take a stroll,

Down memory lane.

Memory Lane

Where everything dwells. ©

The last line is also meant to be in fancy script, but the WordPress thing won’t let me do that :(.

Do ya like it?  Tell me if you did.

Tomorrow we’ve got school then drumming so I’m going to put on a quote.



P.S. This is a picture that I took yesterday morning (when it was foggy):


P.P.S. I’m starting to get questions now!  Thanks all of my questionnaires!



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