Guess Who…Or Not

There are captions to the images, but read on before you look at them.

This was going to be a guess who post with the picture that I’ve drawn over the last two days.  But then I decided not to, hence the title.  I didn’t think that many of my readers would know who it was, even though heaps of you are Harry Potter fans (like me!).

I drew a picture of Narcissa Malfoy (played by Helen McCrory), a minor character in Harry Potter who I really liked.  She was evil (or nearish) but I still liked her, mostly because of her ability to stay as elegant looking and yet as fierce as she was during the Malfoy’s hard times (it also had something to do with her hair – see picture below for why.).

This is the picture that I copied:

img_6626Let me just say that the picture is from a book and was 10.2 cms by 6.8 cms so it was quite small.  The picture is also one I took out of the book, it wasn’t on the internet.  I’ve given you the pictures of my process of drawing it along with captions at the top of the page.  It was being a pain and I couldn’t get it below, talk about annoying!  To see the picture and their captions click on each picture.  I think that I’ll add in a black background to make Narcissa stand out, I’ll put it on when I’ve done it.  I’m also going to try again to get the face the right shape but I like it for a first try.

I really like cotton buds and tissues for shading, they smudge things together perfectly.

What do you think of the picture?  If you’re a Happy Potter fan, who’s your favourite character?  Who do you want me to try drawing next?  What do you like drawing?  Please say, I love having blogersations (or commentations, your choice of which you use, do tell me and I’ll see which my readers like best, I’ll use that.  Both are my new words.  I like making up words!).

I still need help with the tea-tree oil incident, I’m not noticing it so much anymore but Dad’s home tomorrow and I reckon he will.

Adios, or until next time,


P.S.  This is a really good post about shading by Rutvi from Capturing & Creating, it’s really helpful: https://capturingcreating.wordpress.com/2017/01/25/drawing-for-dummies-episode-1-shading/


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