Ruby Redfort: Catch Your Death

Title: Ruby Redfort: Catch Your Death

Author: Lauren Child

Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Publishers 2013, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd

Genre: Mystery

Pages: 513

Age: 10+

Rating: 10/10

As I have said before, the Ruby Redfort books are a very good read.  Catch Your Death is the third in the series.

Ruby, a 13-year-old genius, is a code-cracker at the secret spy agency Spectrum 8.  Now rr-no-3entering her third case, Ruby is starting to become good at her job as the agency’s youngest employee.  This case is based in the wilderness.  All within 513 pages, Ruby manages to almost die multiple times and be rescued about the same number of times!
It’s all very exciting.

There is a code in this book as always, but this one is about scents.  It is well written and explained but very hard to understand and even harder to try yourself.  Marcus du Sautoy explains all about it at the back of the book, going into a lot of detail.

This is quite a long book, but it is very good and I would highly recommend it to all mystery-lovers over 10.  I love this book and would rate in 10/10 for being utterly brilliant.

(N/B: Please read the other two reviews in this series, use the search bar and look for ‘Ruby Redfort’, it should come up.)



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