Pizza, Pizza and More and More Pizza!

Weird title, I know, very long too.  This is post number two for today but please comment on both of them, not just this one because it has popped up first in reader or whatever.

I made dinner on Friday (and yesterday and probably for the rest for the week while Dad’s away and Mum’s looking after the very annoyings!  Sorry for calling you that very annoyings, very annoyings, but you are and that’s your new nickname!), PIZZA!  Everyone’s favourite right.  It was quite easy really.  This was what it looked like:

Hover over them and the captions should come up, if they don’t, please speak out.  I made a salad with lettuce, carrots, cucumber and capsicum in it, a pizza with very thinly sliced potato, butter, garlic and parsley on it and another pizza with three types of olives (a little OTT, I know!), salami, broccoli, tomato sauce, cheese, sundried tomatoes and fried eggplant on it.  Briar (very annoying number 1) scraped everything off of the pizza and only ate the base!  That makes her even more annoying that very annoying number 2 (Tara)!  Annoying number 1 then dipped the base in tomato ketchup and mayonnaise, apparently it tasted very good, I think not!  Very annoying number 2 did it too, she ate the toppings too though.  They both ate the salad however, after drowning it in mayonnaise!  Why does everything have to be drowned in mayonnaise or ketchup?!

I also made pear, raspberry and apple crumble with custard for pudding!  I didn’t get a picture of it though, humph, annoying!  It tasted fantastic too and was the most amazing pink thanks to the raspberries.  Very annoying number 1 ate heaps of it though, maybe making up for not eating dinner, and then had more for breakfast and then morning tea the next day (very annoying number 2 did too)!  I think that I put too much sugar in the apple/pear/raspberry mixture and I know that I put too much in the custard.  I was very upset with my custard, but a note for next time: don’t put so much sugar in!

I’m going to give you a menu rundown at the end of the week.

Thank you for staying with me, this is a very oddly written post, I know, I’m just in one of those odd moods today, might have something to do with the weather, grey, miserable, cold and wet (it’s betterish now).




7 thoughts on “Pizza, Pizza and More and More Pizza!”

  1. Hi Emily, there is an amusing poem called I Ordered an Everything Pizza, which I have read with children in school and had fun writing our own version. Yours look delicious! Auntie Judith

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