Blogger’s Interview No. 1

This is the 20th’s make-up post.

I came up with this idea to get all of my followers with blogs to answer the questions to my interview on their own blogs.  I know that I have lots of bloggers as followers (most of them are actually).

Here are my 13 questions:

#1: Easy question, what’s your blogs name?  You should know this one, you’re typing on it and you named it!

#2: How long have you been blogging?  Go back and check if you’re unsure, doesn’t have to be super exact.

#3: Who got you into blogging?  Just wondering, if you don’t want to use names, just put down ‘n/a’.

#4: Why do you blog?  There are many reasons that people blog, I’m unsure of mine, maybe to state my life, put things that I enjoy on and keep a collection of projects?  I don’t know, say why you think.

#5: What’s your blog about?  If it’s about one specific thing then say, if not say ‘everything’ or something along those lines.

#6: How many followers do you have?  I’ve got 16 so far (plus 3 email followers), I’m getting a new one almost every day!

#7: How many posts have you done?  If you’re on a WordPress blog look in the WP admin, if you’re on another site, you should be able to find it somewhere, I don’t know where sorry.

#8: What’s your favourite of your posts?  Mine would probably be (and I’ve done a lot of thinking on this) Everything and Anything!, I like it’s craziness.

#9: Why did you start blogging?  I’ll give you the reason that I did on this blog’s birthday (27 April or something).

#10: Why do you like blogging?  I like just being able to tell my lives story and save my memories forever.

#11: What blogging programme do you use?  There are quite a few out there, it could be one of many, most blogs I know use WordPress but a few use Blogger or others, again, an easy question.

#12: What don’t you like about blogging or the programme that you use?  State what you think could improve it.

#13: How many blogs do you have?  I’ve seen people with over 5 blogs!  I’ve only got one though, this one!  They can be joint blogs too.

Tell me if you participate in this, I’d love it if you did.  If you want to do your own interview questions tell me and I’ll answer them on here.  Interview No.2’ll come soon, keep watching.




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