This is a post that I came up with the other day.  I was re-stacking hay bales in the shed and once I had finished I decided that I would compile a list of things that you should not do when you’re dealing with hay.  I did all of these things!

This is my list:

One: Don’t deal with hay just before your little sister’s birthday party.  Yeah, this isn’t really the best idea because you end up covered in hay and apparently that’s not very good!

Two: Don’t wear fleece or stretch material.  The problem with stretch material or fleece is that the hay sticks to them.  You have to pick every bit of hay off of your clothes because if you put it in the washing machine then it clogs it up, not good!

Three: Don’t wear t-shirts or shorts.  I wore both of these things and have got scratches all over my arms and legs, not nice!  The hay gives you little pin-prick sized red dots all over your arms and legs which aren’t very nice, they don’t look nice either, they make your legs and arms spotty!

Four: Don’t deal with hay AFTER you’ve had a shower.  I ran in the morning and then had a shower before feeding the animals when I went and moved the hay.  It’s not very helpful because you end up getting hay dust all over you which does not make you very clean anymore!  In the end I didn’t have another shower, I had one after my second run.

And lastly, five: Don’t go up to the house covered in hay.  I went up to the house and washed my hands (they had calf milk on them) before I de-hayed myself.  This meant that I went and stood on the deck.  Not a good idea.  I had to sweep the deck after I’d de-hayed myself!

I hope that you like my list.  It is probably no good if you don’t live on a farm, but if you do, then there you go.  Otherwise, it’s just a funny list to say that your blogger (ME) did all of these things, not very good really!

If this helped you, please tell me!



Please comment, I love recieving comments. Just say nice things, bad things make me sad and you don't want a sad blogger.

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