Does anyone out there have a favourite time of day?  I do, it’s twilight, after the sun’s set and before it’s dark.  Last night I went outside and lay on my stomach on the grass outside my window for about 45 minutes – from 8:45 to 9:30.  It was in that time where it was between warm and cold and I was in a t-shirt and shorts.  While I was out there Possum came over and curled up beside me and went to sleep, she then ran away when she saw Sauvi.  I wrote this sort of sense thing while I was out there and will give you it now:


I feel:

The cold, slightly spiky grass beneath my bare arms and legs,

The still, peaceful twilight air,

Possum’s welcome warmth curled up beside me,

Calmness washing over me, removing all the problems of the past day,



I see:

The darkening twilight sky, grey and blue, streaked with the last rays of the recently set sun,

The quivering muzzle of Possum, asleep beside me,

The still, peaceful world surrounding me,

The first beautiful, twinkling stars, bright against the darkening sky.

I hear:

The quiet tst, tst of the cicadas in the trees,

The distant moo of cows,

The last cries of magpies soaring gently overhead,

The barely audible flap of bird’s wings,

The crinkle of dried, dead leaves,

A peaceful stillness,

The click, click of the electric fence unit,

The barks of far-off dogs,

Possum’s quiet breathing, rhythmic as she sleeps,

The quiet rumble of a motorbike, briefly cutting through the tranquil twilight landscape,

The rustle of my pen on paper.

I smell:

The cool, fresh air,

The beautiful perfume of the trees,

The lovely earthy scent of the grass,

Possum’s sweet smell.

Please tell me if you like it.  I’ll put it into a story soon, but right now I’m concentrating on writing Happy so I’ll write it when that’s done!

What’s your favourite time of day?  I like twilight because it’s never boiling hot, it’s cold in Winter, but perfect in Summer.

See you all,


P.S. The picture is of a sunset, not twilight, oh well!



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