Just as I said that I would yesterday, I have got a picture of all three of our birthday cakes. These are the pictures:

To see who’s cake was who’s just click the pictures, fingers crossed that the caption comes up.

We’ll be eating chocolate cake with two thick layers of very sweet fondant, raspberry meringue buttercream and simple buttercream for days, there was a lot of cake and there is still about half of it left!

Mum says that Briar’s cake (the Frozen themed one with Elsa as the doll, it should be the biggest picture) was much better than mine (the very pink one that should be at the top), but when I was five I loved it and that’s what matters doesn’t it!  Tara’s cake’s fairy had flashing wings and was very cool, all six of the little kids loved it.  You can check out mum’s post about Tara’s cake here.  Mum used to have a blog but since she started working again it’s sort of been abandoned (she hasn’t written on it since January 8 2015!).  My cake was piped with buttercream, which must have taken Mum ages to do, but Briar’s and Tara’s cakes were all done with fondant. My cake was also made about five days after Mum had had Tara (we’re 5 days off 5 years apart!).  In the end Briar’s cake didn’t take as long as Mum expected it too, Tara’s had her up until 1 a.m. – or so she says – but apparently this one didn’t take her until even midnight, that’s practically early!

I helped Mum for a while and at one point when nothing was going to plan, Mum admitted that she just wanted to cut the hair off the doll, it would have saved a lot of hair holding, but the after-effect wouldn’t have been too flash!

Tell me what you had for your 5th birthday cake, I’d love to know what people had.

I have been meaning to ask my readers what their favourite post is, I don’t have a favourite post and I can’t work out which one my readers like best because if they have likes they all have the same number of likes.  Also, what sorts of things do you want me to tell you about myself, I can’t give away certain things (like where exactly I live), but there are things that I can tell you if you want to know them, let me know and I’ll come up with some ideas.

See you all again sometime tomorrow,



8 thoughts on “Cakes”

  1. Wow amaz-balls cakes! Alexia AKA Bubbles is sooooo jealous over Briars cake!!
    Your Mum is amazing at cake decorating! Mum is scared, she will never be able to top that cake!!!
    I love your cake, its my favourite.
    see ya

    Liked by 1 person

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